Current Loves

Racinne Skincare "Time Defying Beauty"
Ultimate Youth Power Eye Serum
$32 for 10ml 0.30 fl. oz. at RacinneUSA.com
Super lightweight, almost feels like water and the best part is once its absorbed by the skin (which btw it absorbs quickly) it doesn't even feel like you have anything on! This is perfect for makeup-wearers because it will NOT affect your concealer or eye makeup. It hydrates the skin enough that if your eye cream makes your concealer crease throughout the day, then switch to lightweight eye swum like this! Natural plant oils moisturize deep into the skin cells and Racinne uses advanced revitalizing technology sh-Decapeptide-9 that rapidly penetrates the delicate skin around the eyes. In turn this helps to promote blood circulation; which combats tired aged skin preventing accumulation of pigmentation and improves dark circles. I simply love the texture, I haven't seen amazing results but it preps the eye area before I apply my eye cream- it gives it the perfect slip (so I am not rubbing in fricticiously creating more wrinkles overtime).

La Roche Posay Skincare
Redermic Eyes
Dermatological Anti-Aging Eye Corrector Intensive
15ml 0.50 fl. oz. for $46.95 at LaRoche-Posay.us
This is my current favorite eye cream! Well, it's actually more of a gel consistency but amazingly hydrating and effective. I use this following my eye serum (Racinne in the morning and Wilma Schumann eye serum at night). I use the Redermic Eyes twice a day morning and night. This not only overtime fights fine lines and wrinkles, but it diminishes them and smooths them out instantly- like instant gratification. You can thank the formula's amazing texture for that! They claim it viably reduces crows feet and dark circles- while I haven't seen the reduction of discoloration, maybe I will if I give it more time. Their Redermic Face is their #1 award-winning retinol treatment which is why they created the Eye version. It contains 0.01% Pure Retinol.

Lipocils Expert
Conditioning Eyelash Gel
10ml  0.34 fl oz.  for $57.50 at Talika.com
Lengthens lashes, intensifies color, lightly curls
This product was developed 60 years ago, and Talika is has been the forerunner in the category of eyelash treatments. Lipocils extends the eyelashes up to 2.4mm in 1 month. Personally, while I haven't seen much growth, I have MOST DEFINITELY seen that my lashes are STRONGER (thicker, not volume wise). They don't fall out easily anymore when I remove my eye makeup! The applicator makes it easy to apply both at the roots (with the tip of the applicator) and the wand that resembles that if a mascara wand helps to disperse the products directly on the lashes.

Grasse Roots Pefumery
Beloved Eau de Parfum
5ml Travel Size for $30 at GrasseRoots
They use rare and precious botanicals, and Certified Organic ingredients whenever possible to create their natural perfumes. I am a fan of Rose fragrances an have been on the look-out every time I come across a Rose-centered perfume. Beloved eau de parfum is described as "a tender bouquet of rose essences from around the world enveloped by soft, earthy grasses, sweet resins, precious woods, and hints of bright citrus and orange flowers."

Farm to Girl
Manuka Honey Healing Lip Balm
0.25 oz tin