Daisies and Dukes Bath & Body Products

 About Daisies and DukesOur story is simple. Most things that are truly country, are simple. This is the life story of a mother and daughter team that guide their days with prayer, country music, love of family and friends, strong roots and lots of laughter... what else do you really need?!

Daisies and Dukes was born from the need of combining all these things into everyday necessities, and sharing them with you! Soft and sassy attitude is thrown into everything that we offer, because it’s not just a product line... it’s a lifestyle!

Bubbly Sugar Scrub
Product Description: Softer than the day you were born, that’s what you’ll be! Will your skin suffer from using this super soapy scrub every day? Hogwash!! Extra-fine sugar and emollients is the perfect recipe for looking better in your skivvies.
My Take: This Bubbly Sugar Scrub foams up to such a nice lather, I honestly can't get enough. For $14 you get a whopping 8oz! It is exactly what you would imagine, a richly-lathered foaming body wash with sugar for that wonderful exfoliation our body needs. My favorite scrub so far, it is non-abrasive and the scent Skinny Dippin' is fresh and clean smelling!

Fine Salt Scrub
Product Description: We’re fixin’ to show you how to get skin so fresh, it’ll make you blush! We’re talkin’ back roads, barefootin’, swingin’ from the fencepost kind of skin!! Shea butter and extra-fine salt do all the work…you just sit there and look sweet!
My Take: The Strawberry Fine Salt Scrub smells like fresh strawberries were made in this salt scrub, so good enough to eat *but obviously do not eat it! It is a much deeper exfoliation than the Bubbly Sugar Scrub so for those that need that scrub extra-dry/rough skin this product is made for you. There is no lather- it's a bath and body treatment that I would recommend only doing every week or so. For $19 you get a huge jar with a clamped-lid for 12 ounces of product!

Body Butter
Product Description: When it comes to butters, this one is the cream of the crop. Chock full of shea, soy and cocoa butters, jojoba oil and Vitamins A & E, it’s nature’s way of softening what your mama gave ya!
My Take: This Blackberry Body Butter smells like yummy yogurt with berries, smells so good (again, do not eat it). I have used this product on Poppy a few times after I bath-time and it makes her skin so soft, but above all else it smells delicious (just like every Daisies and Dukes product I've tried). It is $25 for 12 ounces. Rich, yet blends into the skin and provides a lightweight hydration.

 Body Spray/Truck Spray
Product Description: You’ll LOVE our sprays y’all! Super moisturizing, and alcohol free. You’ll be tickled to use these sprays everywhere you want... aww heck, we’re tickled for ya!
My Take: The Body Spray in Country Sunshine is just that, a burst of citrus mixed with sweet-smelling yummy goodness. Not only have I used this over my entire body, I have also used it throughout my entire house and received compliments. It smells DELICIOUS, juicy with a hint of sweet-candy-like notes. It costs $12 for 4 ounces, and I need to get more products in this scent- I am addicted to it!

Body Wash
Product Description: Well praise the Lord and pass the shower pouf! Real girls know what separates one shower gel from the rest, and ours will be the one that you reach for first... pinkie swear.
My Take: The Farmer's Daughter Body Wash foams up to a lovely lather and smells sweet, creamy and juicy. Another big-winning scent by Daisies and Dukes. I can't get enough of their products! It's pure vanilla cream scent is sweet yet the creamy notes make it a likable smell for all.

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