Model Mirror... a Must Have!

Mirror mirror on the wall in my hand...
These mirrors are most definitely worth raving about!
Maybe some of you are thinking? What's the big deal? It's just a mirror. But it is not just any mirror. It's the model mirror! It's weighty, high quality and my favorite part is the 2x magnification on one side. It is like having a mini-vanity mirror on the go!
Purchase them here for $25.

Lush Leopard
No, regular run of the mill leopard print will not do. The loopier, the better.
Bridging the gap between essential beauty tool and must-have fashion accessory, the Model Mirror® has been designed to light up the night when a makeup touch-up is called for. For a taste of backstage pampering in the palm of your hand, this compact mirror has 8 embedded LED lights (arranged to emulate a backstage makeup mirror) which light up with the push of a button.
Features: 2X magnification, natural LED lights, luxurious drawstring pouch/polishing cloth, sleek black gift box, replaceable 23A12V battery included
Size: 10.8 x 8 x 1.1 cm

PR sample was sent to Pretty Me Up