Monthly Obsessions: June!

These are my must-have products for the months of May and June... so expect a LONG post, but most definitely a fun one!!

Poppy and I have been watching Yo Gabba Gabba nonstop!

BUNS! On top of my head. Yes, if I am lazy and don't want to do my hair, I just throw it ontop of my head!

My new Laura Mercier Products (Silk Cream Foundation and Mineral Powder Foundation).
Laura Mercier eview to follow shortly!

LORAC Unzipped Palette
This palette has a beautiful mixture of shimmery and matte, golden and cool shades!
My go-to eyeshadow palette as of late.
FOTD's Using LORAC Unzipped Palette

Duri Cosmetics "Off the Beaten Path" Nail Polish (pastel lavender)
Glides on smoothly, only two coats saturates my nails!
More Duri cosmetics colors coming soon!

Shick Xtreme3 Eco Razors
These are great and get a close shave. 
So happy Shick is keeping the environment in mind. Love the idea of eco-friendly razors!

Hermes Voyage Parfum
It's actually a men's cologne but the sweet aroma of Lemongrass makes it perfect for women too!

A recurring love affair with my NARS products
I just posted a NARS Rajasthan video, check it out here!

LORAC TANtalizer
This is my go-to summer body-bronzer!
It does not have a self-tanner in it. The bronzer washes off in the shower.
I continue to use it because it literally makes you glow with bronze radiance!
On my legs without a self-tanner. Ontop of a self-tanner it looks even better!

Josie Maran (foundation and eyeshadow palette)

Argan Matchmaster Serum Foundation
This is a really cool product! Very hydrating, hence "serum" foundation.
Argan oil has so many wonderful benefits for the skin.
This is in "fair", although turns out to be more of a "light" shade on my skintone.
It pumps out white.
As you blend it into the skin, it changes color to match your complexion!
It's a dewy and hydrating foundation with a light-to-medium coverage.

Josie Maran Beautiful Eyes Palette
These shadows are silky and smooth. Hydrating to the eyelids and they go on like butter!
The bottom left corner shade is the only one that has chunky bits of shimmer.
The middle shade is for lining and works great in the outer-v!
It's the perfect everyday eyeshadow palette!

Moroccan Oil (my favorite hair serum)
My hair eats this product up in the summer!!
The heat and sun can be damaging and this keeps it hydrated and healthy!

Murad Skincare (the Vitamin C line is amazing!)
The AHA/BHA Cleanser is one of my new favorites.
The Radiance Peel is so good, it brightens your skin instantly. My favorite Vitamin C products are shown here, theres a brightening serum that has 2% Hydroquinone so it's bound to brighten your skin over time (just make sure to do it at night and use a high SPF in the day). The Exfoliating Acne Treatment Gel is a 1% Salicylic Acid that helps keep my breakouts away and helps treat the current ones.
Overall, loving Murad and I'm extremely impressed with the ingredients and results!