Product Rave: Vaska Herbatergent

Vaska is an all natural botanically based laundry care line. Just thinking about the remnants and potential irritants that  detergents can leave behind gives me the heeby-jeebies! On a daily basis we are coming in contact with detergents, whether it be wiping our faces with a towel, drying off our bodies with another and sleeping on bedsheets/pillowcases. We all deserve to sleep and dry safely... so I have switched to Vaska. No I am not being paid to write this review. I will forever use this product! I especially feel at ease knowing it doesn't irritate my newborn's skin. Poppy is now 11 weeks old and she has no reactions to this "herbatergent"! The Vaska formula uses real herbs to clean effectively without the use of harsh chemicals. The patented Herbatergent is created with a hypoallergenic formula that uses natural herbal cleaning agents to wash sheets, towels and even baby clothes effectively while not harming the planet or your skin.
The best part????
THE SCENT!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can't get enough, it's so addicting! The subtle lavender scent has my baby girl's clothes smelling so fresh and clean... I actually get excited to wash her clothes! No joke.
 Vaska Herbatergent ™ 

·        Liquid laundry detergent uses real lavender and potent botanical cleaning agents to clean clothing and linens effectively without harmful chemicals
·        Available in Light Lavender or Scent Free
·        $9.99 for a 48 oz bottle (32 loads)
Vaska Herbasoft™
·        Liquid fabric softener gives clothing and linens enhanced softness and a light, fresh, lavender scent
·        Herbasoft uses real herbs and advanced botanicals to soften textiles naturally, without leaving behind waxes or harmful chemicals that damage fabrics and or irritate skin
·        $9.99 for a 48 oz bottle (32 loads) 

Vaska products are available at Duane Reade, Amazon.com, Alice.com and Drugstore.com


Lime Crime's First Eyeshadow Palette!

Take a look at Lime Crime's most anticipated product, launching February 15th!

Don’t let her milky skin, pouty mouth and flushed cheeks fool you; underneath the poised façade, there lies a heart of a tigress...
 Lime Crime’s long-anticipated foray into the realm of pressed eyeshadow begins with Chinadoll. Brought to life by indie style icon Hanna Beth, this collection is not for the faint of heart with shades of flame red, sky blue, sparkling gold, deep jade and jet black bursting forth. True to Lime Crime tradition, each eyeshadow is lavishly-pigmented, creamy in texture and provides superior coverage and blendability to satisfy even the pickiest eyeshadow lover. The five hues come encased in a deluxe purple tin.
THE CHINADOLL LOOKas created by Doe Deere, Makeup Artist & Lime Crime Founder
“Chinadoll is fragile and bold, soft-spoken and out-spoken, a free spirit of undeniable presence. I created a romantic duality by casting watercolor gradients against sharper lines -- Lotus Noir was applied under lower lashes, blended into Jade-o-Lade, then faded seamlessly into Parasol. Finally, I added soft-red accents to her cheeks, brows and around the temples for an innocent glow evocative of vintage Chinese advertising posters.”

Fly Dragon Fly – fiery red [matte]
Parasol – sky blue [matte]
Goldfish – bright gold [metallic]
Jade-o-Lade – rich jade [matte]
Lotus Noir – deepest black [matte]
Vegan & Cruelty-Free. Retails for $34.99. Net wt. 5 x 1.3 g. Chinadoll will be a permanent addition to the line. Available starting February 15 via www.limecrimemakeup.com.


The Busiest Season for Cosmetic Surgery

Happy New Year: The Busiest Season for Cosmetic Surgery
The Wall Street Journal
December 29, 2011
Katherine Rosman

Beauty takes no holiday.

December, particularly the latter half, is the busiest time of the year for many plastic surgeons, cosmetic dermatologists and doctors who perform weight-loss operations like gastric bypass. Some doctors say they do twice as many of these elective procedures per day in this period as during the rest of the year.

The reason: After many cosmetic procedures patients want to go underground during the days-long recovery period, which might involve swelling, bruising and oozing. The holiday season makes it easier to avoid interacting with others at work or in school car pools. This year, with Christmas and New Year's both falling on weekends, a patient can be under the knife or laser beams early in the week and still be presentable by the time the parties start.

"People like to hide out while they heal," says Debra Jaliman, a dermatologist in New York City. This week, Dr. Jaliman says she is scheduled to perform 15 Fraxel procedures, a laser process meant to leave the skin looking younger. Normally she does five a week.

Traci Slatton, a 48-year-old writer in New York, scheduled an appointment with Dr. Jaliman for Tuesday to have a Fraxel treatment that can leave one's skin swollen, red and scabby for four or five days. She wants to look great for a March event to celebrate the publication of "The Art of Life," the book she wrote with her husband, the sculptor Sabin Howard, about the role of beauty in art.

The laser procedure "feels like heated rubber bands snapping against your skin," says Ms. Slatton.

With school on break this week, Ms. Slatton says she doesn't have to worry about seeing other parents while dropping off her daughter. And most of her friends are out of town. "I have enough time to heal and be fabulized for New Year's Eve," she says.

Health insurance can be another reason that demand rises for certain elective surgeries in December. In the case of bariatric surgery, for instance, people might have met their insurance plan's annual deductible and want to have the operation before year end.

A bariatric operation, which reduces the size of the stomach and can lead to dramatic weight loss, can cost about $35,000, including hospital charges, says Michael H. Wood, medical director of the bariatric surgery program at Detroit Medical Center's Harper University Hospital.

Dr. Wood says that compared with an average month, the number of bariatric operations he expects his surgery group to perform in December will be up about 10%. For the full year, he estimates the group will do about 600 of the surgeries. "Patients do want to fly under the radar and they can do that during the holidays," he says.

For plastic surgeons, the most popular procedures for December are those that require the most time for healing, like face-lifts. Franklin Rose, a plastic surgeon in Houston, says this month has been his busiest ever. He performed about 20 operations a week, twice the norm during the year. He routinely was operating well into the night, missing out on visits to the gym and attending holiday parties with family. "With surgeons in December, you can have some unhappy wives," Dr. Rose says.

The cosmetic procedure Ms. Slatton had done is called Fraxel Dual, which costs about $1,000 per treatment. A person with both uneven skin texture and a lot of freckles and sunspots might require up to six treatments.

Fraxel treatments are intended to smooth the texture of the skin as it eliminates sunspots and other skin discolorations. The procedure takes about 15 minutes during which lasers pass over the skin, poking tiny holes in the top layer of the skin. This stimulates the production of collagen, a protein that makes the skin look supple and youthful. The top layer of skin eventually dissipates, taking with it the sun-damaged pigmentation, says Dr. Jaliman.

Fraxel technology comes from Solta Medical Inc., of Hayward, Calif. The company's newest product is called Clear + Brilliant, a laser procedure based on the Fraxel system, says Stephen Fanning, Solta Medical's chief executive. Mr. Fanning says the company is marketing Clear + Brilliant to women between 25 and 40 years old who may not yet need Fraxel Dual. Clear + Brilliant costs about $400 a treatment, with most people needing three or four procedures, or sometimes more.

Dr. Jaliman says that among her clientele, the draw of Clear + Brilliant isn't the lower price but the quicker recovery from the swelling and redness. But she adds, "you're still not going to a party right after."

Here are some top-ranked procedures performed by members of the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS).
·         As anti-aging is always top of mind at the start of a new year, you may be interested to know 82 percent of ASDS members performed injectable neurotoxin procedures overall in 2010, according to the 2010 ASDS members’ procedures survey. Specifically, 82 percent used Botox (over 1 million procedures done in 2010) and 45 percent used Dysport (over 293,000 procedures in 2010).
·         Ninety-four percent of ASDS members performed skin cancer treatments procedures accounting for 3.1 million procedures in 2010. ASDS members are dermatology experts that have unique training and experience to treat the health, function and beauty of skin. ASDS members recommend that you apply sunscreen, get skin checked annually and follow skin care tips to protect skin.  
·         Since fat reduction is one of the top New Year’s resolutions, you’ll be interested to know that, according to the survey results, tumescent liposuction accounts for over 50 percent of all body sculpting procedures performed by ASDS members in 2010.  In fact, tumescent liposuction was invented by ASDS member Dr. Jeffrey Klein.

It’s important to remember that all cosmetic procedures are medical procedures, and as such, the ASDS urges consumers to recognize that they should be performed by a qualified physician or under the close supervision of an appropriately trained physician.

Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions (No Willpower Required)

Follow these five tips to reach your goals for 2012

Every year’s end, we sit and think about our resolutions for the year to come. A few weeks in and we’ve already broken them. Check out this article from YouBeauty.com on how to make, keep and stick to your New Year’s Resolutions! Instead of just talking about them, be about them!

By learning these simple tricks to take willpower out of the equation, you can check those ever-elusive goals off your to-do list once and for all.  

  1. Start small. 
  2. Be specific. 
  3. Ask for help. 
  4. Anticipate setbacks.
  5. Have patience.