Lime Crime Carousel Gloss Sneak Peak


Carousel Gloss Collection To Hit Virtual Shelves November 28, 2011
Los Angeles, CA -- Do you remember a time when a kaleidoscope or a treat like a candy apple could delight and inspire a sense of wonder? This season, Lime Crime invites you to experience Holiday magic by immersing yourself in simpler pleasures.
Carousel Gloss, the first-ever lip gloss release from Lime Crime, combines the impact of a lipstick with bursts of nebula-like glisten for unforgettable sparkle. Five jewel-toned shades, ranging from ruby red to midnight blue, arrive in a sumptuous foil box resembling an antique merry-go-round -- the ultimate gift (or indulgence) for those seeking a little luxury in their makeup bag.
"The carousel is one of the most basic yet brilliant human inventions. In a single whirl, its brightly-painted steeds whisk us into a world of wonder, where anything is possible. This collection is my invitation to you to step into the realm of fantasy and let yourself get carried away by the flurry of flickering lights."
Explains Doe Deere, Founder and Creative Director of Lime Crime:

Vegan and cruelty-free. Available at the suggested retail price of $17.
Here are a few of our favorite things:  Loop-De-Loop (midnight blue with iridescent sparkle), Cherry On Top (pink-red with rainbow sparkle), Golden Ticket (lamé gold),  Kaleidoscope (plum-purple with turquoise sparkle) and Candy Apple (ruby red with crimson glitter).