Pregnancy Skin Care Q&A + UNBLEMISH Product Review!!

Thanks to Dr. Downie, your most commonly-asked questions about skin care and pregnancy have bee answered!
Is it normal to get acne during pregnancy? Are there any brands/specific products you recommend?
Yes, it is normal to get acne during pregnancy. Many people never break out and then all of a sudden they have a lot of acne. Other people always breakout and their skin clears because of the hormonal shift. What do I recommend to treat acne during pregnancy, a lot of the salicylic acid base washes from Neutrogena are great. Aveeno has for more sensitive skin, the Aveeno Ultra Calming which works very well. I also recommend using mask like chemical peels during pregnancies -  professional at the doctor’s office either glycolic or salicylic acid. You can get some prescription drugs like finacea, but that needs the dermatologists consent and the OBGYN consent.
Are there certain ingredients in skincare products that pregnant women should avoid?
Yes, there are certain ingredients that you should avoid. The main ingredient that you should avoid is that you shouldn’t be on oral antibiotics, cause they can harm the babies teeth after the baby is twenty weeks in gestation. In terms of ingredients in skin care products that you should avoid, no retinols, no benzyl peroxides either.
 What certain ingredients should pregnant women use?
Your skin gets dryer sometimes during pregnancy, so a lot of my patients like the ultra hydrating formulas. Like the Neutrogena skin relief body lotion, unscented body wash. A lot of people would use things with oatmeal in them cause they are soothing, things with soy in them.
What is Melasama? What causes it? How can it be prevented and treated?
Melasama is caused by walking in the sun and hormonal shift. Is treated with sunscreen, chemical peels and it can be treated with a laser. Its chronic so it can get worse and worse if people don’t put sunblock on. Its significant you’ve seen it much more in women than men, but you can see it in men though.
Stretch marks! How can you prevent them and treat them?
Stretch marks you can prevent them from but not gaining or losing weight, also by not using too heavy weights cause you can get them around your muscle mass as well. If your pregnant try not to over eat, you gain weight slowly, your skin doesn’t stretch as rapidly and that’s how you can prevent them. In terms of treating them its only the fractal that works for them, the topical medications really don’t work for them. It’s good if your belly is growing when you are pregnant to moisturizer it a lot. 
The bottom line is that it is better to prevent them by not gaining weight to rapidly. For people that grow taller fast we also treat them with a fractal  by the way. So obesity related and height related we treat the same way. 
Darkening of the nipples? Is this normal and why does this happen?
Darkening of the nipple during pregnancy, is a hormonal shift and it goes away. Hair grow faster during pregnancy because of the hormones. 
Why does hair grow faster during pregnancy?
Unfortunately, it grows faster on your head, underarms and your upper lip.

Being pregnant, my hormones are ALL OVER THE PLACE! This hormonal roller-coaster has caused me to break-out around my chin/lower-cheek area. Many of them are deep, cystic pimples that are almost impossible to treat. How is it even possible to treat hormonal acne? I have always asked that question. Fortunately, I tried the Rodan & Fields Unblemish range and I started to see results by the first week! Has my acne cleared up? No. However, it has very well improved. 
The Unblemish Regimen costs $161; not only does it help with adult acne, but it also prevents pimples, blackheads and post-acne marks. Tried and test, it has worked for me... and I will continue to use it (confident, that is will help banish my acne completely).

Unblemish Regimen for Acne and Post-Acne Marks
Breakouts? Unpredictable? Unreasonable? Unfair? Take control with our UNBLEMISH Regimen. Clinically proven to combat the entire acne cycle, this sophisticated regimen helps unclog pores, clears breakouts and calms your complexion to keep pimples, blackheads and post-acne marks from making an unwelcome appearance on your face—and in your life.
Since many acne sufferers have post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH), the remnant red/brown marks following a healed blemish, we offer UNBLEMISH Spot Fading Toner. However, if you are one of the lucky few who does not experience PIH, use our UNBLEMISH Clarifying Toner as an alternative.
The UNBLEMISH Regimen features 4 full-size products: Acne Treatment Sulfur Wash 125 mL/4.2 Fl.Oz.; Spot Fading Toner 125 mL/4.2 Fl.Oz. OR Clarifying Toner 125 mL/4.2 Fl.Oz.; Dual Intensive Acne Treatment 2 x 15 mL/.5 Fl.Oz.; and Oil Control Lotion SPF 20 30 mL/1 Fl.Oz.

Step 1
Unblemish Acne Treatment Sulfur Wash
Medicated cleanser with FDA-approved 3% sulfur unclogs pores and reduces redness. Pores stay clear, allowing the treatment medicines that follow to be delivered deep into the pores. 125 mL/4.2 Fl.Oz.

Step 2
Unblemish Spot Fading Toner
Alcohol-free toner contains dermatologist-preferred 2% hydroquinone to lighten and prevent post-acne marks and spots. Salicylic acid removes dead skin cells, keeps pores clear, and prepares skin for treatment. 125 mL/4.2 Fl.Oz.

Step 3
Unblemish Dual Intensive Acne Treatment
Unique dual chamber delivery system ensures maximum efficacy of benzoyl peroxide deep into the pores, killing bacteria and stopping breakouts before they start. 2 x 15 mL/.5 Fl.Oz.

Step 4
Unblemish Oil Control Lotion SPF 20
Formulated specifically for acne-prone skin, this lightweight formula controls oiliness as it protects against UV rays that intensify post-acne marks and uneven skin tone. 30 mL/1 Fl.Oz.

Let's Talk About Adult Acne
Not too long ago, the dermatology community believed that only a small percentage of adult women suffered from acne. Today, however, the estimation is closer to 40%. The reasons for this dramatic increase are the emotional stress tied to modern life, hormonal fluctuations, and a greater recognition by the public that period-related blemishes and clogged pores are indeed acne.Pimples on adults are fewer in number but bigger in size, and tend to congregate around the mouth and jaw line. In addition, a significant number of acne sufferers are left with remnant brown/red marks, which can be a long-term souvenir following a healed blemish. These marks, called post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation, can be as distressing to the acne sufferer as the blemish was in the first place. These marks can be effectively treated with a medicine called hydroquinone, found in over-the-counter products and by prescription. So while acne is not a curable condition and can last an average of 20 years in women, fortunately there are treatments that can keep breakouts at bay for as long as you have acne-prone skin.