Where the heck has Whitney been??

Sorry for the total blog-slacking. Shame on me!
I have been in the dark for a few reasons...
but mainly because I found out on March 4th that...
Joe and I are extremely excited and I wanted to share the news.
There is so much to share with all of you.
I am thinking about recording some pregnancy vlogs...
Would that be of interest to any of you?
I will be doing pregnancy product reviews as well as some great giveaways!

When I first found out, the guessed my due date would be October 28th.
I was a little over 6 weeks along. I am now 10 weeks!
I have experienced some nausea but I have not thrown up (yet).
However, I was told I would have thrown up by now if it was inevitable.
Joe and I went to our first OBGYN appointment on Tuesday and although we were not scheduled for an ultrasound, my doctor let me sneak in really quick just so I had peace-of-mind.
I really wanted to see that heartbeat so I could relax by knowing everything is okay.
Well, my wish came true and we saw a fast flicker of a heartbeat... it made everything all the more real and exciting.
I'll admit I am scared because this is my first and it was not planned.
I personally believe that God brought this baby into our life for a reason!
Other symptoms include: anxiety, sciatic nerve pain, hunger, constant peeing, big time cramping (just like menstrual cramps), weight gain, horrible acne and I am constantly over-emotional. Honestly, I am not the nicest person to be around at the moment.

Also, stay tuned for my blog sale! I need to save up some money BIG TIME!