Udder Covers Review!

Being preggerz brings an entire new genre of products to my home. 
Udder Covers, are perfect for the nursing mothers on the go. Not only is it practical, but how cute is that name?! I was sent the Porter Gift Set which includes a black & white nursing cover, Milk Bands nursing bracelet and a pair of breast pads. 
The Porter nursing cover can be used anywhere at anytime... it gives nursing mommies the confidence they need while doing something relatively private and confidential. This set is PERFECT to bring to the next baby shower!
The following is from the Udder Covers website:
Each of our nursing covers is marked with our signature Udder Covers logo.
-Our rigid neckline gives you direct eye contact with baby
-Our fabrics are made of 100% breathable cotton
-Stainless steel d-rings allow fully adjustable neckline
-Machine washable

Now let me tell you about Milk Bands! I had never heard of these before but now I realize how helpful they will be once I start nursing. Basically they help mommies keep track of which side you nurse from. There are little etched-marks on the bracelet itself that have a time table and the boxes that slide around the bracelet will assist in what time and how long you have actually nursed on that specific side! What a great idea, right? It's all about convenience.

Embarrassingly enough, I did not know about breast pads. One of my best friends is due at the end of this month and I saw she had bought disposable breast pads. I had no clue about leaking!
The Udder Covers Reusable Nursing Pads protect your skin from irritation by absorbing all the moisture.  Straight from the Udder Covers website...
Product Benefits:
-Leaking milk and moisture is drawn away from skin by 5 layers of absorbent cotton fabric
-Machine-washable and reusable
-Soft layers conform to breast shape for a natural look under clothing
Product Features:
-100% cotton
-5 ply

Udder Covers has been kind enough to create a promo code "whitz" for my readers. You will be able to receive a free Udder Covers or $32 off any purchase! Basically, the Five 4-packs which come to $32.95, will not come to $0.95 cents! WHAT A STEAL RIGHT?!