All about Bare Escentuals (Buxom Lips & Eyeshadows)!

I think I am falling in love with Bare Escentuals. First of all, Buxom lips are the BEST lip plumpers I have EVER used out of every single lip plumper I've tried. They do not feel hot- there is no burning lip feeling. Instead, it feels the opposite... cooling. Almost like rubbing an ice cube on your lips! Each color shown is neutral and I think anyone can pull off these colors. The eyeshadows I swatched below are neutrals as well. I first got my inspiration to try these from LisaLisaD1 on Youtube. My favorite shade is Bare Skin- I recommend everyone try it out (it's beyond beautiful in person).
 Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Polish
A Buxom babe is all about curves, tingles and attitude — and that includes the lips. Plump what you've got with our luscious polish, which naturally creates the look of fuller, more voluptuous lips. You'll know it's working when a tingly, cooling sensation rushes over you. 
I really like the packaging- the pink-up style girls are adorable!
a shimmer pink pearl luster 
See the golden-pink duo-chrome??? I love that shift in color! 
a soft peach luster
 Lovin' the peachy with golden flecks!
a peach nectar luster 
 This golden/pink/salmon shade is so pretty!
 For some reason, i cannot find this on their website.
I keep this shade in my handbag and find myself using it on a daily basis.
The color is neutral, light, soft peachy-pinkish-beige.
an innocent pink luster 
This is a beautiful pink- definitely has some color. Not a baby pink. 

 Nude Beach (glimmer)
light warm sand
Cupcake (sheen)
light champagne pink 
Queen Phyllis (glimmer)
light buttercup 
Vanilla Sugar (matte)
medium golden vanilla 
 Bare Skin (glimmer)
medium pink taupe
 Queen Tiffany (glimmer)
medium bronzed brown

 Left to Right:
Nude Beach, Cupcake, Queen Phyllis, Vanilla Sugar, Bare Skin & Queen Tiffany
 Left to Right:
Nude Beach, Cupcake, Queen Phyllis, Vanilla Sugar, Bare Skin & Queen Tiffany