Addiction NV Hurts So Good Lip Plumper Review

Hurts So Good
Lip Plumper
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Get ready to get Addicted all over again with our NEW Lip Plumper!
Lip Plumper can be used alone as a lip gloss, or over lip liner/lipstick for that sexy “Bee” stung effect. In addition to immediate and visible results, continued use of Lip Plumper will make your lips look plumper and fuller, and leave your lips youthful, smooth, and incredibly soft.
You may experience a warm, tingling sensation and/or the appearance of smooth redness on the surface of your lips; this is normal.
Vitamin E: An antioxidant superstar that promotes moisturization and makes the skin feel soft.
Hydroxystearic Acid: Extra moisture.
Volulip: Active ingredient in Hurts so good. Demand for plumper lips is a growing phenomenon as women, who have naturally fine lips, wish to give them more sensuality. Furthermore with age, women try to retrieve attractive lips, which have lost their contour and definition, because of dryness, loss in volume and ptosis, and decrease in derma density. For this reason, Sederma has now developed VOLULIP™ an active substance containing a plant Portulaca “Kiss-mequick” extract. In order to demonstrate the product efficacy and its mechanism of action, several in vitro tests (in a glass or tube) have been carried out.
Because it works better than any other plumper! Without a doubt in my mind, my lips visibly plumped up and felt double the size!
If you do not like the "bee-stung" feeling then skip this... I know people who like that feeling and others don't mind. I actually enjoy the feeling, it is pretty intense!
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Pretty sparkles and shimmers!