Philip Kingsley’s Tips to Hide Hair Woes

Don’t you just hate it when you start your day with your hair looking like a total mess, even though you styled it the way you always do?  It happens to the best of us and Philip Kingsley, the hair doctor, knows a thing or two about misbehaving locks and how to put them in place. 

Turn difficult “Bad Hair Days” to a “Happy Hair Days” by following the below:

o   Shampoo hair daily in the morning, preferably with a body building product
o   Follow with a body building conditioner
o   Towel dry hair and apply a styling product to give hair more body and protection
o   Apply Philip Kingsley Preen Cream ($35 at PhilipKingsley.com), it is based on the preening activities     of ducks and gives hair shine and reduces the absorption of moisture into the hair
o   Blow dry with a gentle brush that has flexible plastic prongs with balled tips, and a wood base with    a  vented cushion – and finish with a weatherproof hair spray.  

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