Skincare Review: Natura Bisse

I was BEYOND impressed with these Natura Bisse products! 
I HIGHLY recommend you just try them out, get samples if you can. 
The Glyco Extreme Peel is an intense at-home peel... it made my skin really red and hot to the touch- but it works! It sloughs off dead skin cells, helps increase cell renewal and you can see the difference afterwards. 
The Diamond Extreme Eye cream is now my FAVORITE eye cream I have ever owned- more so than La Mer or any other brand I've tried. It is the most HYDRATING eye cream, and it has micro-fine pearls that brightens the eyes right away! 
The Diamond Mist is something I use daily before I do anything else. It refreshens and awakens my skin before I apply my serum/moisturizer. It is a very hydrating spray and feels great! 
The Cure Sheer Cream reminds me of a tinted moisturizer, but more hydrating than any other tinted moisturizer that I've tried. It feels so soft and smooth to the touch. It does not offer much coverage, yet it simply evens out my skin tone.
Bottom line, high quality and result-driven products; this made me all the more excited to try more from Natura Bisse!

Pro-enzyme peptide exfoliant 
What is it?
A weekly intensive triple exfoliating system formulated with high concentrations of innovative exfoliating ingredients that restore a youthful and supple appearance to the skin. Its properties eliminate dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. It contains a Beta-lipoacid (BLA) molecule that reaches the deepest layers of the skin and accelerates its renewal process.
*Does not irritate the skin. Ideal for all skin types
*It renews mature and damaged skin.
*Diminishes the appearance of wrinkles and dark spots.
*Provides an immediate lifting effect.
*Dermatologically tested.
*The skin is perfectly renewed and smooth.
*Eliminates dead skin cells and impurities.
*Helps generate a constant skin renewal.
*Leaves skin smooth, radiant and free of wrinkles.

Energizing lift for eyes 
What is it?
An extraordinary energizing and cosmetic treatment with lifting effects that renews and hydrates the skin, providing firmness and luminosity for a perfectly youthful appearance. It is formulated with an Epidermal Self Modulator that protects the skin, creating a natural barrier that renews the skin.
*Exceptional upper lid lifting effect.
*Diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
*Revitalizes and decongests the skin.
*Eliminates signs of fatigue and stress.
*Diminishes under-eye shadows and restores luminosity.

Bio-energy infusion 
What is it?
A luxurious and energizing essence that provides an immediate source of energy and vitality. Its bio-energetic properties stimulate cells, increasing their regenerating and detoxifying potential, resulting in luminous skin throughout the day.
*Infuses Super ATP energy source to enhance cells metabolism.
*Improves micro-circulation and revitalizes.
*Protects from environmental aggressions.
*Hydrating and calming benefits.
*Alcohol-free energizing mist.
*Suitable for all skin types.
*Helps maximize the action and benefits of any skin care regime.

Color Enhanced Moisturizer SPF 20
What is it?
THE CURE SHEER CREAM is a dual action formula that offers extended protection and hydration while providing the skin with a beautiful appearance. This innovative formula includes cutting-edge "Self-adapting" pigments that adapt to all skin tones to neutralize the appearance of skin imperfections and provide a glowing and healthy complexion. This exceptional day cream also contains a complex that provides a "soft focus" effect and produces multiple light micro-reflections, creating a luminous halo that softens the appearance of dark circles and shadows. Sulphorane, a highly purifying and detoxifying component obtained from Lepidium Sativum sprouts smoothes the skin, provides a bright and luminous appearance and helps restore a firm feel while improving the look of elasticity to the skin.
More info:
THE CURE SHEER CREAM has a light, silky texture that blends easily and provides a velvety, smooth and even appearance while infusing the skin with a soothing sensation. This extraordinary formula contains Hyaluronic acid and Fermentus Glaciarum extract, a powerful anti-wrinkle element that effectively improves An exclusive blend that resembles the skin's Natural Moisturizing Factor and deeply moisturizes the skin while visibly improving the look of skin's texture and diminishing the appearance of wrinkles.
*Breathable approach to an even skin-tone
*Enhanced water resistant properties allowing all day wear & hydration
*Improves skin's ability to capture and hold moisture
*An alternate to heavy foundations for light & natural coverage
*Sheer color that adapts to ALL skin tones
*Plumps skin, visibly reducing appearance of lines and wrinkles
*Promotes quicker recovery of sensitized skin
*Increases production of elastin and collagen
*Stimulates skin's natural detoxifying process

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