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So you want to know about Egg and Chips? Fair enough, it's a pretty simple dish, easy enough to make, delicious to eat... oh wait, sorry, my mistake... you wanna know about the website! Here at Egg and Chips were committed to providing you with high quality clothing and accessories at the lowest cost possible. If you're a fan of alternative clothing you're sure to find something you like right here; and best of all, it's cheap as chips. With a range that varies from punk rock clothing to rockabilly heels, we've sourced all our items from the best brands available; TUK Shoes, Iron Fist Clothing and Famous Stars and Straps to name just a few. With a website that's simple to navigate, delicious clothes on offer and cheap as chips prices, why look any further for the coolest clothes around?

Jungle Fever Pink Leopard Hoody by Iron Fist
Buy it here
£31.95 or $51.62

Jungle Fever Pink Leopard Wedges by Iron Fist
Buy them here
£36.95 or $59.70

I absolutely adore these wedges! Like how they match the hoody? Too cute!
A little punk, a little glam.
I am a fan of Iron Fist shoes to begin with, but each pair always impresses me when I open the box.
Eggs N' Chips is an excellent online retailer of Iron Fist clothing. They are super cool, fast shipping and great customer service. If you're thinking about it, I definitely recommend purchasing from them.

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cute said...

huhu...love that shoe.

WatchSource said...

Wow great colors, those shoes are simply wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Loveeeeeeeeee those shoes. Very unusual. XXX

Alex said...

not my style but very cute! :)

Unknown said...

the metal squares decoration on the front of the drop dead wedges is wider than the strap so it cuts your foot - i had take mine off but they are still cute without :)