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Hancoli (or ShineyObject on Etsy) is comprised of me (Christine) and my husband (Will) and the name is a mashup of our last names. We recently got legally married in Januuary 2010, and had a fabulous destination wedding in the Dominican Republic in May 2010. The wedding was one of the reasons I started making these bracelets and cuffs!! I came across one much like the 3" cuff in the Swarovski store. I fell in love with it, but my heart dropped into my stomach when I saw the $400 price tag. Plus the clasp was hard to use with one hand and the color wasn't "perfect"...but I couldn't get my mind off of it. That's when I KNOW I like something. (I'm not your typical girl who shops. Will has to talk me into buying most purchases that go beyond necessities like food.)
I started looking around online about Swarovski Rhinestones and I found out that you can BUY them yourself! I had no idea. So then the wheels started turning. I thought about all I didn't like with the original and how I could change it to something that suited me. I purchased some starting materials and played around with them to figure out how to make it work. Will came up with the design and we mapped out a plan. I worked on that 3" cuff for over a week and a half, but it was my pride and joy when I finished it. Boy did that thing sparkle!! It wasn't perfect, but it was awesomely cool! I wore it everywhere and people kept commenting on it. I blushed, said thank you and walked away. Then I started thinking about making some for my sisters to wear during my upcoming wedding...start of project #2! I brought them with me to the Dominican and we all rocked our cuffs! People all over the resort kept asking about them! The workers, the guests, even my family asked where I got them. I told them I made them and they started putting in requests. Then the people at my work saw them and more requests came in...soon I was working on these things every night and weekend! I started calling the process my "therapy". It was nice to go home and just do something monotenous, that I enjoyed. I started getting quicker with the whole procedure of hand-gluing each and every crystal on...now I can probably make that 3" cuff in two days if I focus! LOL...
The prices I charge don't include labor, because I say it's a "labor of love". I can see now why that original Swarovski cuff is the price that it is! The cost of Swarovski Rhinestones is anything but cheap, the sparkle however is truly priceless. I smile when I find myself staring at my own wrist, and it's an even bigger smile when I see someone else wearing one! These bracelets are found all over the world now and it warms my heart to know that hoepfully someone else is smiling just as bid :-D
My personal background, I was born in New Jersey, went to school in Philadelphia, got a Ph.D. in Pharmacology and Toxicology, moved a couple times due to jobs, and now I'm settling down in New York. I work for a personal care company and I love my day (and night!) job :)
Will was born in Missouri, did a stint with the US Navy (which let him see/visit/live in almost ALL parts of the world) and then went to college for Information Technology. He moved around more than I did, but we met while I was bartending at a casino and he was working in their IT department, so I guess you can say we "met at a bar" hahaha...

Extra stones (just in case)!!
Bracelets and cuffs available in the following widths, 1/4" (.0635cm) to 3" (7.62cm) and 6.5” (16.51cm) long (standard) unless otherwise stated. These bracelets and cuffs are permanently closed and designed to stretch when being put on, or worn.
Also check out Hancoli.com!

1 inch Jet Hematite and B. Diamond
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I absolutely LOVE this cuff! I am a rhinestone lover, and if I could I'd rhinestone my car, my house... hell, I'd rhinestone the world!
What I really like about this bracelet/cuff is that it can be dressed up or down.
Not only is the color not too flashy, but the size (1 inch) is perfect and it is very comfortable!
Hancoli has amazing customer service, good prices, quality product and fast shipping.
This makes a great gift for the Holidays.
Highly recommended!!
This elegant one-of-a-kind cuff is made with approx. 550 authentic Swarovski Crystal Rhinestones and would be a beautiful complement to any outfit: formal, work, or casual. These cuffs are the perfect accessory to wear alone or stacked. The crystals are individually hand placed on elastic to slip easily over any sized wrist, but can also be custom created for length…just ask!
All pieces from this shop are carefully wrapped in tissue paper and nestled in a pretty box for easy gift-giving. Bubble-wrapped and packed via Priority Mail to ensure a safe and quick delivery (typically 2-3 business days, depending on location). Overseas shipping is available and ALL items are sent via flat-rate shipping prices, so additional items ship for free!

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Anonymous said...

That cuff is absolutely stunning!



izumi said...

definitely shiny but not over the top (: