Sandal Review: Dini's Los Angeles!

I'm a total flip-flop sandal girl! That's the only shoe I wear, come rain or shine!
I love Dini's jeweled flip-flops. They are made from Havaianas... have you ever tried those on?
They are one of the most comfortable and well-made sandals I have ever set my foot into.
Dini's Los Angeles carries hundreds of styles, colors and accents to choose from.
You can even design your own flip flop!!
For all of my readers outside of the US, they ship internationally!!!
Check out their bridalkids and accessories section!
Don't forget to shop Dini's Deals for some awesome discounted sandals!

Dini's - A True Hollywood Story
Dean Fortunato started Dini's Los Angeles after reading an article in the New York Times about Havaianas being included in the gift bags at the academy awards. As an actor--Broadway ("Twilight of the Golds"), film ("Bad Boys"), TV (ER, Seinfeld)--Dean often had time on his hands between assignments. He decided to buy some Havaianas and experiment with some design concepts. At first, he embellished the shoes with crystals and studs and gave them to some of his friends. They begged for more! Then he introduced them at a trendy open-air market in Hollywood . A top L.A.fashion rep walked up to his table to check out his line. She slipped a pair of "Dini's" on her feet and said, " Kid...I could make your shoes a star." As they say, the rest is history.

Crystal Peace Signs (seafoam green)
Buy them here!

"All we are saying is give Dini's peace a chance. Designed in the Dini's Classic flip-flop style, the crowning glory is a crystal-encrusted peace sign. Smokey topaz, hyacinth or jet black jewels are just a few options. Good to have a piece of peace, even on your flip-flops."
I love these!!!
I'm a big fan of the peace sign, especially when worn as an accessory.
What's even better is you can choose from 25 different colored Havaianas!

Rose Zippers (coral)
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"From the cat walks of Paris to the runways of New York, exposed Zippers are the hot new fashion trend. We see them on everything from handbags and trousers, to sunglasses and 't'- shirts. The new Dini's Rose Zippers in seven colors are fresh, vibrant and totally unique -  Just like the real ones, but with teeth, it's like a rose garden at your feet."
How flippin' cute are these?!?!
I LOVE rosettes! A zipper rosette adds a funky edge.
These come in 7 different colored Havaianas to choose from.

Metallic (graphite)
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"Shimmery and chic, Dini's metallic line takes the simplicity of our Classic line and dips it in rich ore colors like gold, silver and copper. Plus, our champagne metallic color will make you feel bubbly all over. The crystal accents are all aurora borealis (AB for those in the know) that glisten with all the colors of the rainbow. Set in either silver or gold, these Dini's are good glam and make a snazzy statement with any outfit."
I like the metallic sandals so much that I find myself wearing these ones the most!
They come in 4 different colors including Sand, Copper, Silver and Graphite.
They can dress up any outfit!
Better than wearing a plan black flip-flop... boringggg!

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