Make Up For Ever: Aqua Creams, Aqua Eyes & HD Microfinish Blush

Make Up For Ever

I ordered these over the summer (I know, great timing right?)... ahhh so behind!
I was able to get a discount through IMATS, so everything pictured below was 40% off for me (nice, huh?).

Aqua Creams
2 Steel
"silver gray shimmer"
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This is my favorite because I get to wear it underneath (or all by itself) my taupe-gray eyeshadows.

5 Peach
"peachy pink with gold flecks"
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I wear this as a blush and I absolutely love it!
Think NARS "Super Orgasm" in a cream formula.
Warning: If you don't like sparkles, DO NOT buy this.

9 Coral
"bright coral"
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13 Warm Beige
"champagne shimmer"
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This is a good neutral everyday color, however it has a ton of shimmer- mostly metallic.

15 Taupe
"taupe brown shimmer"
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This is definitely more of a warmer brown. I think #2 Steel is more taupe than this.

16 Pink Beige
"pinky beige shimmer"
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Like 13 Warm Beige, this is great for everyday wear but it is on the metallic side.

Aqua Eyes
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Left to Right:
16L (green), 5L (bronze green), 6L (black purple) and 11L (purple).

HD Microfinish Blush

7 One Too Many
"peachy beige"

Left to Right:
4, 5, 7 and 9
I like the pump-style dispenser... definitely unique for a blusher.
Left to Right:
4 (Walk of Shame), 5 (Nip Slip), 7 (One Too Many) and 9 (In The Spotlight).

Blended Out
4 (Walk of Shame) and 5 (Nip Slip)

7 (One Too Many) and 9 (In The Spotlight)

The Aqua Cream and HD Microfinish Blushes DO NOT budge- they are seriously waterproof and last all day.
It is extremely difficult to find a LONG-LASTING blush. If you are having that issue, then look no further!
For the recent weddings I have been doing makeup for, I've been using Nip Slip and One Too Many HD Microfinish Blushes for brides and bridesmaids. It looks beautiful in pictures and STAYS ON!
For the aqua creams, they are very shimmery so I hope they come out with some matte/flat shades to use as a base or for more mature eyes (where they shimmer is too intense).
Overall, I am very happy with my purchases!!

The following products were purchased by me, with my own money.
I am always 100% honest in my reviews.
For more information, please read the disclaimer on the right-hand-side of my blog.
Thank you.


FunnyFaceBeauty said...

wow awesome. i am going to imats in less than 2 weeks and hoping to get some of these items. n

tsuki said...

Ooh, the peach and coral aqua creams are so pretty! I may have to pick one up next time I hit Sephora.

Edna said...

Amazing! I want the HD blusher now! If you can choose one, which one would you use as an everyday blusher?

Rica said...

Aren't they amazing!!! I just did a post about them on my blog too, here's the link if you wouldn't mind checking out http://smolderphloof.blogspot.com/2010/10/things-i-got-from-mufe-today.html

I got aqua eyes in number 2,5, & 15. They're really my favorite cream eyeshadow!

Big Hug,

I BLEED PINK said...

I really want to try these blushes.

izumi said...

"one too many" and the coral aqua cream looks SOOOOO gorgeous! no joke! you have awesome taste (: