Etsy Review: Noodles of Goodles

Chewy Caramel Candy
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$10 (1 pound)
Irresistible chewy caramel candy. Once you put one in your mouth, you can't stop coming back for more. Infused with aromatic Mexican vanilla, these will melt in your mouth. Packaged individually in parchment paper. A pound of mouth watering caramels.

Caramels are made fresh as an order comes in! Wrapping of the caramels may vary in size, but you are still getting your pound!
As you can see, I really enjoyed these caramels!!
They are so soft and chewy, they literally melt in your mouth!
I think this is an excellent gift idea for the upcoming holiday season.
I found that putting mine in the refrigerator helps keep it firm enough until you decide to eat one.
Laura is a college student, currently in her Sophomore year. She is a Math major who loves to cook and bake. She makes each pound of caramel fresh, so rest assure they have not been sitting for weeks. For the holidays expect to see peppermint bark, turtles and peanut brittle!

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Anonymous said...

These look soo good! I must buy some!

Anonymous said...

I've ordered her caramels, they are DELICIOUS! Definitely recommend getting them!

izumi said...

yummm, i do love a good caramel :D