Etsy Review: Madalina's Craft World

Shop Announcement
I am an addicted scrapbooker looking to share her craft with the world!
My shop is just back from maternity leave, I am currently working on new albums and planners. Feel free to browse my sold items and contact me for a custom order.

Looking for handmade and colorful planners, scrapbook albums, organizers and notepads? Then make sure you check out my selection of custom made items. Each item is one of a kind, as I do not repeat any of my designs. 
How cute are her business cards?!

Get organized!
Buy a daily planner here
I just love how she decorates her daily planners!
Each one is unique and fun!
Talk about being organized to the "T"!
I love it!
When I use a daily planner, I always feel so much more in control of my life lol!
Do you use a daily planner?

check out her other notepad's here
I love my little notepad.
Not only is it absolutely ADORABLE, but it allows me to keep all of my thoughts/ideas organized.
I keep this in my handbag and bust it out whenever I need it...
Believe it or not, I actually use this A LOT!

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izumi said...

oh the notepad is adorable (: i use a daily planner.. well.. every day hahaha. i LOVE having things written dOWN!

ayawedding said...

simply elegant notepads lovely share