Collaboration: Dancer, Photographer & Makeup Artist

I was honored to be asked by my long-time friend/old-college roomie to do her makeup for a photo-shoot.
Ashley Lee is truly an incredible dancer with years of experience under her belt.
In fact, I used to be on the dance team with her in high school- Go Tour de Force! ;-)

The photographer, Lauren Emily Wydra, of Lauren Emily Photography took these UNBELIEVABLY beautiful photos! She is an artist in her field.
As a matter of fact, Ashley and I also went to high school with Lauren!
It was great to be able to collaborate something like this, using all of our talents to make this beautiful project.

The inspiration?
"We were going for the "grungy ballerina" look. We nailed it pretty well."

Lauren Emily Photography
Model: Ashley Lee
Makeup by me


Unknown said...

She's beautiful. You did a great job whitney ^_^

Allthingsgirly said...

really beautiful :) & woah i don't think i could ever get my legs into those position ever!x

LashGuru @ TranquilityLashes.com said...

You are AMAZING!! I love how bright your iris became after using the purples. And check out those gorgeous lashes! You are a rock star Whitney!

Tranquility Lashes
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tsuki said...

I just found your blog through someone's blog list (I can't resist clicking when I see dance photos), and I definitely danced with you two in TDF! I feel a bit stalker-ish now... haha, anyways, Ashley looks great! Lovely job on her makeup ^_^


Mz. More said...

You guys did a great job. Awesome pics!

LaaLaa said...

Gorgeous photographs, everything is stunning, damn she is one flexible lady JEALOUS

Marie a la Mode said...

These are gorgeous photos! I love all the action shots : )

Rica said...

hey whit,
you've been given an award