Bobbi Brown Review: Semi-New Products & Swatches

These are some semi-new products that were launched during Spring 2010.
I know, I know... I am so behind on this. Shame on me!
However, I have had time now to really try out these products so I can give you a thorough review!
*you can always click the pictures to enlarge*

Eye Shadow
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Bobbi’s original silky-matte formula, now available in two new powerful, almost-black shades. Layer and blend for drama and definition. Each shade also makes a wicked powder eye liner.

"a black brown"
I was VERY impressed with this shade.
The texture was ridiculously smooth and silky!!!
The color payoff was perfect.
If you are wanting a more natural look and black eyeliner/eyeshadow may seem a bit too harsh, give this shade a try! I've been using it on the bridal parties when I do makeup for weddings, and it always turns out amazing in photos!!
Highly recommended shade.

"a creamy pinkish white"
Navajo has a very nice texture. It runs on the sheer side, so unfortunately it did not wow me by any means.
When I swatched it with my finger, the color was more intense, but when I apply it with a brush it barely shows up. It's just barely a wash of color- which is something that some women want. For me, I'd rather use Bobbi Brown's Bone eyeshadow.

Brightening Lip Gloss
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This sheer, reflective formula wakes up your face and helps create the illusion of fuller lips. Wear alone or on top of your favorite Bobbi Brown lipstick.
"a bright rosy pink"
As you can see in the picture below, the brush frayed a bit.
However, that had no affect on how it was applied.
This is one of my new favorite Bobbi Brown lip glosses!
The texture is NOT AT ALL gritty, greasy or sticky.
It is smooth and moisturizing. Popsicle adds a hint of shimmer and a slight pink color.
Definitely a gloss worth checking out!

Brow Pencil
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Mahogany: "a dark brown"
Blonde: "a light brown"
Instantly give your eyes a “lift” with defined eyebrows. These creamy, blendable pencils give you the natural look of eyebrow powder with the precision of a pencil and come with their own sharpener. Available in five shades.

This have the most unique texture I have EVER felt in a brow product!!!
I have TONS of brow products... I have tried everything I can think of.
Yet this pencil is literally like an eyeshadow. I have to disagree with the website, as it says it is "creamy." NO WAY! This pencil is opposite, in my opinion. It is dry, not in a bad way...
Dry, like an eyeshadow- mainly POWDERY in texture yet EXTREMELY pigmented!
This goes on soooo easily, so use a light hand so you don't look like you've drawn-on your brows.
The only downside is that the tip breaks off easily (another reason to use it gently).
Blonde is a light brown, almost with a red undertone instead of a taupish/grey *which I prefer*.
Either way, it's an amazing and unique product. Definitely worth checking out!!

Metallic Lip Color
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Coral Reef
"a medium pink coral"
This is one of THE most GORGEOUS Coral Lipsticks I have ever laid my eyes on!
As you can see in the pictures, there are tiny flecks of gold shimmers.
I don't know why this is called a "Metallic" Lipstick, to me it is more of a slight-frost.
With one swipe it is more coral/orange... however, when you swipe it 3 times it turns to more of  a coral/pink (almost salmon).
This is a MUST HAVE for coral lipstick lovers *you know who you are!!*
Metallic Lip Color combines high-shine emollients and light-reflective pearls for multi-dimensional shimmer that has a soft and creamy feel with medium coverage.
Top swiped a few times.  Bottom swiped once.

The following products were sent to me by a PR firm for purposes of a review.
I am always 100% honest in my reviews.
For more information, please read the disclaimer on the right-hand-side of my blog.
Thank you.


izumi said...

gorgeous coral lipstick! i've only recently started to get into bobbi brown but this def makes me think that it's a great brand to get into :D

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