Dior Pink Idol FOTD & Tutorial!

Find out how to get this look!!!


FunnyFaceBeauty said...

I absolutely loved your tutorial. The look is amazing. I may have to try it out this week. Do you have a youtube channel? I would like to subscribe.
I love the look of that Louise Young brush. I bought one I thought looked similar but would love to try the original. The soften it brush looks cool too...where did you get that?
If you are looking for any ideas for future posts;...I'd love to see a tutorial on your hair style in the video.
If you get a chance, I have a challenge going on on my blog to recreate a look from the Dior 2009 couture show.

izumi said...

goooorgeous look :D i absolutely love how the colors come out on you! i bet it would look totally diff on me, haha. not to mention you're way more amazing at applying makeup than i :P

Diane said...

Wow wow, I love your eyes, great look. I have that same Dior palette but for some reason my eye makeup never comes out looking like that. =(

I guess I need to watch your video a few more times then try it myself. Thanks for the tutorial!

3ate4 said...

Looks lovely, great colours you've used!

Andreea said...

Been looking for Dior Swatches and came here - great look, but hey, you just have beautiful eyes and skin! looks flawless!

Have you stumbled upon Armani palette no.5 ? Need similar colours, but have not found them yet. most are too warm or too reddish. I finished the armani quad very fast (it is tiny!) and I look for something where I get more from.

Thank you!

Love, Andreea from mybeautyblog.de - Germany

Whitney & the full effect said...

Hi Andreea, sorry I have no idea about the Armani palette no.5. In fact, I've never owned Armani eye products :(
Wish I could have been more help to you- sorry!