San Diego Spa Review: The Sanctuary

About The Sanctuary
The Sanctuary is a coveted resting place for many reasons...
...one being that it is a private spa, by appointment only. When you book an appointment at The Sanctuary you are always VIP with the place all to yourself. Your confidentiality and customer service is paramount to us.
We offer impeccable service with no distractions. This is your place to rest and get your exclusive spa services unique to only The Sanctuary.

The Sanctuary is located in Ocean Beach, California.
Whether you are a local or just visiting San Diego, it is not far from downtown.
It is conveniently located off of the 5 freeway, very close to the ocean.
Kaylie, The Sanctuary spa's manager says, "We only have 1 room, so each client has the whole spa to themselves. We like to call it our 'Private Oasis' so our clients feel comfortable [in his/her] own space [with their] private time to relax."
The owner of The Sanctuary is Tracy Duhs, is a highly acclaimed makeup artist.
She is so gorgeous, very entrepreneurial and so kind. I really enjoyed meeting her!!
Beautiful mosaic sign the reads...
The Sanctuary
Day Spa- Boutique- Tea
Beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers.
An arrangement of products and services offered inside the boutique.
As people pass by the salon, they area able to read about the service offered inside The Sanctuary Spa.
The entrance is somewhat hidden, but this gave more of a personal feel to the spa!

As you walk in the gated entrance there is this soothing water fountain mounted on the wall...
I was warmly greeted by two young ladies, Kat and Anna.
They were so kind and made me feel comfortable right away.
It is so important to feel good, relaxed and calm in the spa-space. If you are tense then what is the point of going to a spa?
At the front desk of the spa, there are beautiful displays of Jane Iredale products. As well as a free gift with purchase that the ladies put together :)
Jane Iredale PureGloss for Lips.
How pretty is this display? WOW!
The lighting was so beautiful in The Sanctuary!
It was natural lighting coming from the surrounding windows...
It really opened up the area, creating a picturesque effect.
The Sanctuary Boutique
Leaf and Rusher
Sircuit Skin Cosmeceuticals

White Coconut Creme Organic Hand-Blended Tea and Righteously Raw Organic Raw Chocolate.

Immediately when I sat down, I was offered my choice of an organic hand blended tea.
I chose the White Coconut Creme, which happens to be the most popular.
Who knew teas could be so personal? Just look at the choices!

This is what I really love about The Sanctuary... the moment you arrive, you feel like you are receiving the V.I.P. treatment. 
Each person that comes to the spa, regardless of what treatment/service they're getting, gets a complimentary foot soak/scrub/massage!
This immediately relaxes you, as you sip on your tea and wait for your service.

To my left, my White Coconut Creme hand-blended tea and Raw Organic chocolate awaited me.

This chocolate is truly amazing. Have you ever tasted raw, organic, dark chocolate?
It is like nothing else my taste buds have ever experienced!
Plus it is extremely healthy for you.

Kat is such a sweetheart, she insisted on taking pictures of me during my spa experience.
Tea, anyone? :)

The Treatment Room
This is where the "magic happens."
It was a very calm and relaxing room.
The treatment room was dimly lit and extremely clean and soothing.
One of the most important details with the spa experience is a relaxing room and table.
This table is comfortable and it isn't wobbly. I know that sounds silly but have you ever been on a wobbly massage table? It's distracting and takes away from the soothing ambiance.
Are you wondering what treatment I received?
It is called the Synergie treatment!
Have you watched that episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashian's where Kim gets that treatment to smooth out her "cellulite" on her bum and thighs? It is very similar to that!
I was told to dress into this silky white bodysuit.
I felt like I ought to be part of Cirque du Soleil!
At first I felt a little awkward because Anna was basically VACUUMING my body!
There is this suction piece that literally vacuums your cellulite, smoothing it out and removing your bodily toxins.
I know next time I need to wear a nude thong and a nude/white bra. Bright leopard undies and a black bra were quite distracting! :)
I was super close to performing some acrobatics for them, lol!
The white bodysuit was actually somewhat comfortable; it allowed the Synergie machine to glide over my body with ease.
This service actually felt like a deep tissue massage. Some areas were more sensitive than others but you just know it's smoothing out your cellulite. May sound gross, but it works! Give me another 7 more sessions and I may lose inches and pounds, like some of The Sanctuary's other clients!
After my Synergie treatment, I definitely experienced the detoxification side effects.
The girls told me I might be a little tired and that I needed to drink at least 3 liters of water.
I followed their orders and drank until I couldn't drink anymore.
I felt extremely sleepy and actually a little nauseated. The swirling siwrling motion that Anna used on m stomach released all of my toxins through my lymphatic system.
Have you ever had a intense massage where it releases all of the toxins? This is how it was for me, personally.
Everyone has a somewhat different experience, but I felt like my body detoxed overnight!!! I am not exaggerating one bit, it was intense! In the end, I KNEW it was a treatment that really worked!
I sat down with The Sanctuary's manager Kaylie and she told me exactly what the Synergie Treatment. Kaylie said, “It's our alternative to invasive plastic surgery, such as the tummy tuck,” she added “Cellulite is so yesterday... With Synergie, get smooth and tight, and reduce cellulite!”

The Sanctuary is the only salon/spa in San Diego that offers the Synergie treatment!

Want to learn more about Synergie?
Keep reading...

Cellulite and Toxin Reduction Treatment- Synergie
Lose inches guaranteed! Reduce the appearance of cellulite, while lifting and tightening.
Synergie provides:
An amazing detox

  1. *Helps lift and Tighten loose skin
* Reduces the appearance of Cellulite

  1. *Increases Circulation and blood flow

  2. *A healthy alternative to Liposuction and a tummy tuck

  3. *Great for reducing lactic acid in muscle tissue

The Sanctuary brochure
What I brought home from The Sanctuary Spa.
Please don't laugh at me!
Righteously Raw organic chocolates!
I go in for a Synergie treatment, and look what I come out with?!
It is really THAT good people!!

I think it is safe to say I had a great time at The Sanctuary and it is definitely something I would like to try again. Their "Ultimate Facial" seem right up my alley!!
If you are visiting or if you live in Sa Diego, I recommend checking them out.
Beautiful area, great space to relax in, and everyone makes you feel right at home.

The following service was provided to me, complimentary, by the company being reviewed.
I am always 100% honest in my reviews.
For more information, please read the disclaimer on the right-hand-side of my blog.
Thank you.


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