Just some random FOTD's For You Ladies!!

I haven't posted FOTD's in a while, so hear you go chicas!
Oh, and this is when I bleached (or I really should say "lightened") by brows.
They match my hair so much better!
Mascara is Maybelline "Falsies."
I recommend using a good mascara base first because my lashes look kind of spidery without the base.
What do you think?


This entire "cut the crease look" was used with MAC's Dirrty Greasepaint Stick.
It was also used as my eyeliner!
I wish I would have gotten a back-up on one because I use it constantly.
My hair was way gold... ugh. When I am blonde, I like to have almost WHITE hair...
Is that weird? Maybe so, but it's my preference.
How's everybody's week going so far?
Any plans this weekend?
I'm doing a quick spa trip today at Alexis K. in Solana Beach (review coming soon).
Saturday I am doing makeup for a couple of weddings.
Lastly, Sunday I'm going to my uncle and aunt's big bbq... should be fun~!

It's pretty easy to enter, so don't be lazy ladies!
It ends this Tuesday, August 31st.


hanidee said...

I love your eyes! You do amazing picture spams, lol. Love the cut crease look you did!

LaaLaa said...


cut to perfection.

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

OMG I love the first eye look. Can you do a tutorial on it?

izumi said...

very pretty :) love your bleached brows!

Mz. More said...

I love the colors in that first look. Beautiful!

White Bazaar said...

Eyes look gorgeous, great look!

Cari Byers said...

Great looks!!! Your lashes are amazing!!

Anonymous said...

love it!love what your wearing on your lips too!:)