Etsy Review: Capricious Jewelry

by Shawna

A lil' about Shawna:
My name is Shawna. I enjoy handcrafting jewelry from semi-precious stones and precious metals such as sterling and fine silver, copper, and brass. I live in Monument, Colorado where the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains inspires me every moment I am able to look at them. Every day that I drive into Colorado Springs I get the most majestic and breathtaking view of the peaks whether they are capped with snow, or the sun is setting behind them.

I love ... life. ♥
Sterling Silver Serpent Ring
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You have to check out Shawna's blog post about this ring, click here!
I absolutely ADORE this ring!!
It does remind me of two connecting snakes, but it is subtle and not "too snaky."
No cringing, Shawna... I actually like the snake affect.
The best thing about this ring is it is super comfortable.
Many swirly/twisty rings end up hurting and I get over them pretty quick.
Not this one! It is very easy to wear, and it goes with everything!
Also, I LOVE that it's adjustable to fit any finger.
I, personally, like it as a pinky ring... I know that sounds odd, but for some reason it completes my hands! lol!
I love Shawna's creations... she is so awesome and I really hope you have fun shopping her etsy store :)
Etsy Description by Shawna:
This is a 16 gauge sterling silver adjustable ring. I originally designed it for myself when I couldn't find just the right size ring for my thumb. It turned out so well that I received a lot of compliments on it. Although I hadn't intended on it to appear like a serpent styled ring, a customer remarked "oh! a snake ring!" Since then it has really taken on the serpent appeal.
Please read my latest blog entry, about serpent symbolism.
This ring should fit any finger with a slight adjustment by carefully bending the ends together. It will truly look elegant on any finger, but most especially your thumb. The hammered textured catches the light and it should catch a few eyes for you.
Enjoy the rest of the pictures!

by Shawna

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