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preservative-free skin care

boscia is a revolutionary skin treatment regimen created to give you more beautiful skin you can feel and see now and healthier skin for a lifetime. boscia skincare products combine the best of nature's botanicals with the best of science to soothe, regenerate and protect the very cells of your skin while boscia's oral supplements assist and maintain your skin's beauty and well-being where it begins. Now you can combat the effects of aging, stress and the environment safely from the inside out- because simply covering your skin with harsh products may actually work against you over time. With boscia, you can look good and live well.
Every boscia skincare product contains two unique ingredients for the special needs of your skin. To help maintain your youthful appearance, we've added organically grown Jojoba Leaf, an antioxidant that helps fight against free radical damage caused by various environmental factors like pollution, radiation and cigarette smoke. Antioxidants in theboscia skincare line and oral supplements will support your body's natural ability to combat free radical damage. To soothe and calm skin troubled by harsh chemicals, stress and other irritants we have included Willowherb, an anti-inflammatory. These ingredients combined with other specially selected botanicals, will lead you to more beautiful and healthy skin.
What we don't put in our products is just as important as what we do put in. To effectively treat skin concerns without compromising the health of sensitive skin, all boscia products are:

 - Preservative-free
 - Bactericide-free
 - Synthetic colorant-free
 - Synthetic fragrance-free
 - Mineral oil-free
 - Animal ingredients-free
 - Ethanol-free
 - Pthalate-free

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Company Info
Preservative-free, botanically-based skincare
corporate overview
boscia products were created by Fancl Corporation. Based in Yokohama, Japan, the company was founded by Kenji Ikemori, a Japanese entrepreneur who has dedicated his career to developing effective skincare solutions. Mr. Ikemori envisioned a holistic approach to skincare that would include botanically-based, preservative-free products as well as oral supplements.
Gen Inomata, President of Fancl International, has continued Mr. Ikemori's vision of preservative-free skincare promoting beauty from the inside out with its newest product line,boscia. Fancl has conducted extensive research and has specifically formulated the boscia products to meet the needs of American women and help solve a variety of their skincare problems.
boscia skincare regime
Each of the boscia skincare products, with the exception of Blotting Linens, contain Willow Herb, a unique anti-irritant, and Jojoba Leaf, a strong and effective antioxidant. boscia is a comprehensive line of skincare that includes a mixture of basic products, treatment products, specialty helpers and beauty supplements. The use of supplements is an important element of skincare, nurturing the skin's health from the inside using vital nutrients. The integrated boscia line combines the strength of several skincare methods to achieve healthy skin.

Enlivening Amino-AG Eye Treatment
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A silky cream that hydrates and revitalizes the delicate eye area. Two combined amino acids, Alanine and Glutamine, and a powerful antioxidant, Jojoba Leaf, improve softness and prevent the signs of aging. Coix Seed and Tocopherol-Vitamin E reduce the appearance of puffiness and dark circles. Willowherb, a unique anti-irritant, Jujube Fruit and other beneficial ingredients help accelerate cell renewal and smooth the appearance of fine lines. 

I really like this eye treatment.
I wouldn't say it's an eye cream because it is more of a gel-consistency.
Either way, it's nice!
I notice is really DE-PUFFS when I wake up in the morning!
It feels SOOOOO soothing!

Skin Perfecting Primer
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An innovative, oil-free priming gel that reduces the look of pores while creating a silky, matte finish.Pear Juice, a natural alpha-hydroxy acid, significantly improves skin texture, while Peppermint Leaf Extract tightens and reduces pore size, purifies pores and soothes skin. Hydroxyproline Proteins smooth the skin's surface and moisturize and tighten collagen fibers, and Pro-Vitamin B5 controls sebum production, reduces inflammation and provides moisture retention benefits.

This product also contains 
 Willowherb, a unique anti-irritant, andJojoba Leaf, a strong and effective antioxidant.

I've been using the boscia Skin Perfect Primer during this entire wedding season.
Everyone LOVES it!
When doing makeup for a wedding, I want to ensure the makeup stays in place ALL DAY.
This product REALLY works. It smoothes out little imperfections (fine lines) and helps minimize the pores. The foundation glides over extremely easy and it lasts longer.
Highly recommended!!

preservative-free skin care

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Carrie said...

hmm, i've never really tried this before. But it looks promising:D


izumi said...

depuffs huh? :D thanks for your thorough reviews, as always!

Crystal said...

I love the boscia green tea blotting paper.
P.S.: I have not tried the greent tea marvel gel, is it from Laneige too?