Review: Iron Fist Clothing

Iron Fist Clothing
Check out their website IRON FIST CLOTHING!!
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Sorry my photos are crap, I took 'em with my crackberry.
Anyway, Iron Fist is fast becoming my favorite line of clothing.
Almost everything I see on the website, I want to buy; it's crazy.
This is such a bad-ass brand, you must go check them out!

Ladies Lipstick Twist Back Tank
buy it HERE
$25 ON SALE for $12.50!
This is something I think all you beauty-bloggers will love!!

buy the matching hotpants HERE
$15 ON SALE for $5!
Ladies Sugar Witch L/S Plaid Woven
buy it HERE
How cool is the back of the Sugar Witch Plaid L/S shirt?!
Bettah' Recognize

Growler Full Swimsuit
buy it HERE
So yeah, I am curvy and proud of it!
I love this swimsuit because it's 80's-fun, comfortable and still sexy.
It shows off my body without revealing too much, you know?
I don't feel completely naked while wearing it (like most bathing suits make me feel).
Most bathing suits do not cover the majority of my ta-ta's, but this one does!

Ladies Sugar Frosted Flat
buy them HERE
These are so comfortable! Love the convenience of slip-ons with style.
I get major compliments with these cute flats!
The turquoise is super vibrant and the bows are too cute.

Check out Iron Fist Footwear!

Lovin' these babies!
They are completely decked out black sequins with pink sequin skulls.

If I wear platforms, I want to make a statement with them.
Unfortunately I cannot find these on their website...
Check out their other hot platforms!

Amazing prices, cutest clothing EVER!
Seriously peepz, one of my favorite places to shop online.

The following products were sent to me by the company being reviewed.
I am always 100% honest in my reviews.
For more information, please read the disclaimer on the right-hand-side of my blog.
Thank you.


Valili said...

It is a nice brand indeed.
Too bad I'm not the kind of person who order things over the internet. =/
The sugar witch shirt is really cool. I like the design on the back!

wuzzyangel said...

Very cute! ANd the pics came out fine! LOL! Love the vintage pin up look the outfit you put together gives! :)

And oooh sexy in the swimsui!

Kristina said...

Cute clothes and shoes, Whit! I might have to check out the website =D

Unknown said...

Those heels with the skulls..AMAZING! :) So cute <3

Sybil said...

that's awesome!! i love the swimsuit and tank top!! :D so cute and colorful! :D

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Alina Rodriguez said...

The clothes look fab on you! I am loving the bathing suit-so chic!

Pervaiz said...

Thanks for sharing this.

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

LOVE the skull heels.

Just came across your blog. If you have a chance, please check out my blog. I am currently having a contest for 6 m.a.c products. It ends on Wednesday :)


The Beauty Bite said...

Your make up is stunning in those pictures - you look gorgeous!