MAC In the Groove MSF's and Mineralize Blushes!

MAC In the Groove

Mineralize Skin Finishes and Blush Duos

I've been reading the blogs, and everyone has their own story about their Stereo Rose Mineralize Skin Finish (MSF).
So why not tell mine?
Yesterday I tweeted that I bought 3 Stereo Rose MSF's and got quite a few "Whoa's" and one "Isn't that a little excessive?"
YES, it's excessive but I had a little extra cash (well, I'd liked to think I do) and these babies came to $16.80 each with my pro-member discount so why not? 
What may seem excessive to you, might seem like a pretty good DEAL to me.

I know some of you are thinking 'what is the big deal? what's up with this hype?'
Firstly, I knew this was going to be huge, as I'm sure many beauty bloggers had anticipated.
Secondly, I was never able to get my hands on it, since its release in 2005.
Lastly, the color is freakin' beautiful! It's an MSF BLUSH, basically!
Seriously, it can be worn as a blush and it gives that amazing MSF glow at the same time. 
SO YEAH! I can definitely see WHY most MAC enthusiast went crazy over the re-release (5 years later). What MAC enthusiast wouldn't?
Even if you are an avid Makeup Alley Swapper, you'll know most MAC enthusiast have had Stereo Rose on their wishlist for years!
I've been wanting one for years as well, since I DO collect MSF's.
I think they are well-worth the money, they lasts forever, most of the colors and pigmentation's are superb.
It's just truely an amazing product and I hope some of you can now understand the hype?!

*******Those of you who read my blog will know that I am a HUGE camera-whore.
No, I do not just whore-out my made-up face... I WHORE-OUT everything: photos of swatches, photos of packaging, etc.
This post is no exeption! You will be seeing TONS of photos below.
MSFs are like art to me. I love looking at them and that beautiful veining getting my blood pumping.
Yum! (can anyone please fan me off? it's getting hot in here!)

Mineralize Skin Finish

Mineralize Blush duos
Left: Hang Loose
Right: Happy Together

Hang Loose
This is my favorite out of all the mineralize blush duos.
The pale lilac/lavender adds a gorgeous sheen to the skin when you blend the two together.
This is definitely cool-toned.
Be careful not to apply too much or it can give you that "bruised" looking affect.

mixed together

Happy Together
This is a warm neutral brown when swirled together.
The matte/satin side is a pretty golden-peachy-bronze (on lighter skin tones) but when mixed with the shimmery side, it creates more brown than peachy.
This is warm-toned and would look amazing on more golden-undertones.
On me, it's a little too brown but it's still pretty for summer when I have a little tan goin' on.

Petticoat Mineralize Skin Finish
I am one of those MSF collectors.
This is my 3rd Petticoat.
I love it! It's the one I recommend to EVERYONE!
It looks beautiful on all skin-tones.
The deep raspberry and gold veining gives it enough color to use as a blush for lighter skin-tones.
For me, it acts as a highlight AND a blush in one.
This looks BEAUTIFUL in photos! I always use it when I do weddings.
By far, Petticoat is my favorite MSF ever created.
I have yet to hit pan on any MSF's but my other Petticoat is flattened, so it makes me realize just how much I use it compared to my other MSF's.


hanidee said...

Once again, you're so lucky to get 3, and with a discount! I would so buy one off you if you ever sell it, lol. Stereo Rose has been on my list for a while as well. Shame I wasn't one of the lucky ones to grab one. Happy together seems like a pretty blush for everyday. Thanks for all the swatches Whit! Petticoat is one of my fav MSfs too!

Nicola said...

I LOVE all your photos - they're so clear! I only bought Hang Loose and love it so much! xx

Kristie said...

Beautiful photos and swatches. Glad you were able to grab these before they all ran out. I agree with Hang Loose. It's a beautiful blush that gets overlooked along with Petticoat.

Lilladylife said...

olmg these swatches are AMAZING tis post makes me want to get Happy Together! lol

wuzzyangel said...

I love that you're a cam whore! I love it even more when you cam whore yourself out! ;)

Thanks for all the hard work with the swatchies as always! Petticoat looks sooo nice!! But you did some major haulage! :)

bunee said...

i just dont understand why some ppl say stereo rose is overhyped . its amazingly pretty and i think its the only coral msf from mac ? its a perfect summer blush !!!

my heart fluttered when i saw your swatches of hang loose . its such perfect pastel colors but definately way too cool toned for my skintone . you should do a romantic themed fotd with this !

jooLee said...

wow nice 3 of them!

Laura L said...

wow.... nice buy, now I think I'm dying for hang loose @.@ ah, but i guess it went oos @.@
glad u bought them :)

NormaLove said...

Smart move buying three, I would've done the same! :)
Stereo rose is gorgeous!!!

Anonymous said...

I have to say i do find it annoying how people buy more then one of these limited editions. I feel its unfair as they dont make many of them. I dont have much money and when i do get to check out the collection,most of it will be sold out, because people stock pile.You can bet that some of them will end up on ebay for obscence amount of money. Im not saying you will do that Whit,just that plenty will.

Joanne said...

Great swatches, thank you :)_ they all look lovely. I had to say this - I love the look of that turquoise ring you're wearing! I have an unhealthy obsession with turquoise jewelry :D

I BLEED PINK said...

I am on the fence with Stereo Rose. I got it home tried and thought it looked AWFUL on my skin color. I gave it another day and it was not that bad.

izumi said...

love it :) i don't think you need a new cam at all.. yours takes great photos!

Abbylovesit said...

i love those blushes! great post :)

miss piggy said...

Never have tried with MAC blushes, but I will. By now, I'm using smoldering plum, Clinique, but I will follow your advice. let me tell you Whitz,that I've decided that till now, every morning, before getting out, you (via tutorial) will be helping me with my make up....HOPE YOU UNDERSTOOD WHAT I MEANT... Kisses.

miss piggy said...

Never have tried with MAC blushes, but I will. By now, I'm using smoldering plum, Clinique, but I will follow your advice. let me tell you Whitz,that I've decided that till now, every morning, before getting out, you (via tutorial) will be helping me with my make up....HOPE YOU UNDERSTOOD WHAT I MEANT... Kisses.

Tina A. said...

Great haul hun and amazing swatches!!!
And with that discount of yours ot would be silly not to pick up an extra Stero Rose or two..! ;)

I can't wait till Happy Together arrives, it looks stunning from your photos, I hope it's the same when I try it on!