MAC In the Groove Haul (the rest of it)!

WOWWW!! Can you believe it's been a whole YEAR since I posted my MAC Colour Crafted haul and swatches? Did that go by fast or what? I can't wrap my head around it! I've known some of you for over a year now :)

Here's the rest of my MAC In the Groove Haul
+ 2 extras:
-Turquatic fragrance/perfume
-the new Opulash mascara (which is not part of the collection)

This is one of the BEST Summertime fragrances.
It's one that my 81-year-old Nana likes (and everything I wear gives her a headache).
It is more of a blue/marine fragrance, which I normally don't appreciate, but this one smells amazing and everyone likes it on me... which is a big indicator that this dries nicely.
This is one of the only fragrances I would recommend giving as a gift.
MAC says:
"Crisp and energizing! A splash of clear, sparkling mineral water brought to a chill through an infusion of fresh lotus leaves and Corsican cedrat, then finished with a warm blend of anemone, orris and blue cedar."

Mineralize Eye Shadow Trio
Honestly, none of them stood out to me except for this one...
Making It Easy

MAC describes it as:
"Satin dark beige / Pearly beige rose / Satin red brown"
If you like MAC soft brown, arena and brown script, then you will LOVE this.
These are definitely more pearly and shimmery than those shades.
This is more warm-toned, and I love all shadows be it warm or cool.
If you prefer warm, then this is for you- because it's realllllllly warm.

Doesn't it totally remind you of Soft Brown (left), Arena (middle) and Brown Script (right)?

Unfortunately the only lipstick that I completely forgot to swatch was that PURPLE one called Go For It.
Let me know if you really want to see it.
Otherwise, here are the 3 swatched and pictured from the collection!
Now, the ONLY reason I went all out is because these are all Cremesheen lipsticks.
If you don't know what Cremesheen means, it's a MAC lipstick formula. It is basically a cross between an Amplified and a Glaze.
So it gives you that punch of color, as well as a little moisture ontop for a more glossy-affect.
It is by far my favorite MAC lipstick formula! I applaud them for coming out with Cremesheens!
Jazzed, All Styled Up, I Like It Like That and Go For It (not swatched).

After watching Lollipop26's haul, she recommended purchasing this shade. She said she isn't really into the whole coral lipstick craze, but that this one is worth it... so OF COURSE, since I usually take her advice when she dishes it, I bought it.
From the Pret-a-Papier collection, I totally missed out on Dressmaker Dressmaker and Made to Order- so I vowed I wouldn't do that again.
Oh, does anyone know if MAC is making this permanent?? On the website, there's no little/mini triangle next to it like the others, so I am assuming it's going to be permanent?? :)
Hopefully? Anyone know???
Also, the MSF's in By Candlelight, Petticoat and Stereo Rose are not marked with the triangle... hmmm... Stereo Rose to be permanent? There has to be a mistake!
MAC describes it as a "Bright Coral Pink."

On the Left: Swatched heavily
On the Right: Swatched lightly
Amazing how the color changes up when swatched heavily (left) and lightly (right).
I agree with Laura (Lollipop26), it is MOST DEFINITELY worth the investment.
Beautiful shade of coral-peach!

Jazzed on the lips.

All Styled Up
MAC describes this as a "Bright Yellow Pink."
This is definitely more of a Barbie pink... but I wouldn't necessarily call it a "yellow pink."
On ME, it shows up with bluish undertones, not yellow/golden.
For some reason, this is the one I took the most pictures of (no idea why).
Maybe subconsciously it's my favorite out of the bunch?

It reminds me of Colour Crafted Lipstick from last year (without that slight frost in it).

All Styled Up on the lips.

(excuse the full face shots throughout this post- just trying to keep things interesting)

I Like It Like That
MAC says it's a "Deep Blue Pink."
Yeah, I'd have to agree it is more cool-toned, however it is NOT a LILAC.
Some of the pictures make it look like a pretty purple/lilac/lavender pink, when in reality it isn't.
Personally, I'd describe it as more of a ROSY-pink (very much rose-tone).

More blue-tone than All Styled Up, but not completely blue-toned.
See how rosy it is?
I kept thinking it was going to be a version of Lavender Whip- EHH, wrong!
This shows up much darker on me than I'd hoped for, still pretty nonetheless.

Were any of you curious about the difference between the two pink lipsticks of this collection?
Well, I might be the only one, but I was thinking they were very similar when I swatched them at my MAC free-standing store.

On the Left: All Styled Up
On the Right: I Like It Like That
All Styled Up is LIGHTER than I Like It Like That.
All Styled up is more yellow-based while I Like It Like That is more blue-toned.
All Styled Up is more of a Barbie pink and I Like It Like That is more of a rosy-pink.

I restrained myself from buying more than one Cremesheen Glass.
I have way too many lipglosses and I never use them. I am starting to resent myself for the huge lippie collection that I have accumulated; the worst part is, I don't wear any of them enough.
This shade I wore a couple of times this week and believe it or not, that's pretty good for my average lipgloss use.
I bought Going Casual, which is the most purple/lilac/lavender-tone out of the Cremesheen Glasses.
MAC describes it as a "Sheer Lilac."
If you aren't a fan of sticky lipglosses, then try these out. They are hydrating, add a little more than a hint of color and are NOT sticky.

See the lilac shimmers?

I know this is not a part of the collection.
But I have been lemming to try the new OPULASH mascara!
I am glad I did, because I really like it :)
I am a MAC mascara fan. I know there are some out there that dislike "MAC Mascaras," but I have been using them ever since I worked for MAC.
I think they are a hit or miss.
But you must try one until you find your match.
So I almost didn't get this until the MA said that it reminded him of DiorShow mascara...
Well ain't that a great sale-technique? Lol! Seriously sounds like something I would have said when I worked there.
Holy cow, the brush is HUMUNGOUS!
In the cheesy pictures below, you will see me comparing the BRUSH-size to my actual eye!

Don't poke your eye out. Please. Thnx.


izumi said...

wow i don't think i could ever use that huge brush on my small eyes O__O

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love the pink barbie lips!

Unknown said...

Isn't Jazzed amazing?! I love! My new favorite lipstick =) Looks like you got some great stuff!

wuzzyangel said...

I love Jazzed & I Like It Like That on you!! Whit you always rock the pink lips! :)

And I got to see your full mug! :)

Tammy said...

Going casual is so pretty!! Great post. =)

Anonymous said...

Wow what a haul! You used to work for MAC? Me too! I hauled the last three collections (liberty, pret a papier, beach) so I didn't get anything from this one (I have too much already! you probably have the same problem!?). But they're very pretty!

TINA said...

envy!! love your haul.

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amazing post!!!