IMATS Pasadena L.A. 2010 Photos!

This was my first year attending the IMATS (International Makeup Artist Trade Show).
I brought Joe along with me; what a trooper!!
Pasadena is about a 2 hour drive from San Diego. So we left Friday night, went to the Saturday IMATS and came back on Sunday. It was a short trip, but well worth it.
We stayed at the Best Western, which was not a luxury hotel by any means, however it was clean and we experienced great customer service!

We left around noon... the Pasadena Convention Center was about 5 minutes from the hotel.
Of course, I needed my Starbucks fix.
Pasadena has tons of shopping, restaurants and other entertainment in town.
The main parking lot was full so we parked in an extra lot.
Joe parked right underneath the yellow tape- it was so funny.
He is just too goofy.

As SOON as we walked in, I spotted people taking pictures with Josh aka Petrilude and Leesha aka xsparkage. I thought to myself, 'oooh, I'd love to meet them." So Joe took pictures of us.
Both Josh and Leesha were extremely kind and down-to-earth.
They are exactly how I would have pictured them after watching their videos.

I was so excited to see them there.
Have any of you tried Pevonia skin and body care products?
They are amazing.
They were doing a giveaway/raffle. I'm curious who won; obviously not me lol!

This guy has arms coming out of his stomach (he had pink lipstick on)- I kept thinking "hmm... I wonder what color that is."

Joe realllllly did not want his picture taken, but instead of arguing with me he just gave in.
Nice shit-eatin'-grin Joe! haha!

Queen of Blending, oh how amazing she is!
She is super cute and short- I'm 5"1, imagine that!!
Her daughter was adorable.

Suzy aka macNC40.
So sweet and happy; such a cool chick.

I was OBSESSED with Royal & Langnickel brushes (even more than Crown or any other similar company).
I bought a CRAP LOAD of brushes. I went a little insane.

Danny Sanz. Creator of Makeup Forever.
Coolest chick in the world.
When I grow up, I want to be just like her!! ;-)

Joe took this photo. I felt like there was this HUGE celebrity behind my back. hah!

some paint faces

Hope our cheesy photos don't make you sick.

Colors by Maky
I bought some awesome eyeshadows and more from this brand.
Can't wait to show all of you!!
Maky is a real sweetheart. She is working on getting a website up.
So be ready for some pretty sweet reviews.

Ingrid aka missglamorazzi!
I accidently stepped on the back of her foot and when I went to apologize, she turned around and I was like "Oh I love your videos, let's take a pic." lol!
She was one of the sweetest people I have ever met.

some more painted faces

I needed more shots with Leesha and Suzy.


I met Pursebuzz over a year ago (before she started making Youtube vids) at MAC when I worked there.
She lives realllly close to me. So crazy!

Check out what I hauled!!




hanidee said...

Wonderful haul! Looks like you had a blast. Shame I wasn't able to go this year, but I can't wait to go next year!

roxy said...

that looks awesome. the Toronto IMATS isn't even comparable to the L.A. one. love your blog


wuzzyangel said...

It seems like so much more peeps went to IMATS this year! :)

You met a lot of great peeps Whit! That's soo cool! ANd lol you & Joe's cheezy pics are the best! Haha!! Nice parking!!

Dang girl you HAULED! LOL! Thanks for sharing everything with us!