Etsy Jewelry Review: Serrelynda

Serrelynda's Enchantment

Serrelynda's Current Shop Announcement
"My handcrafted fashion jewelry is designed for comfort, wearability, and style with an edge. I only make limited quantities of each design, and you will find new designs often.

If you have metal allergies, please visit these sections of my shop:

All orders come in a nice box or an organza gift bag suitable for giving.
Offering Free Shipping to the U.S. and Canada and $2 International for a limited time."

Serrelynda's Bio
I have been "playing" with jewelry design for over 12 years, collecting unique antiquities and fascinating vintage materials. I have been perfecting my techniques, and I have finally reached a point where I am confident enough to share my creations with the world. Etsy has been the perfect venue for me, and I am thankful that I found it! I am continually awed by the talent of other artisans here and it makes me strive harder to be even better. My goal is to learn lost wax casting and take metalworking classes so I can make my own components.

I am currently a stay at home mom to a 5 year old and a Sharpei dog. My husband has been kind enough to share a piece of his garage with me by setting up my own drill press, bench grinder, and studio kiln.

I post shop promotions on my Facebook Fan Page:

Grey Pearl Memory Wire Bracelet
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Just LOOK at this piece!!!
It is absolutely gorgeous and the memory wire is very comfortable!!
Each grey pearl is different from the other; they have a slight iridescence to them... just look at each one and compare it to the other. Some are golden-grey, some are blue-grey, others are brown-grey and so on.
I think THAT is what makes this bracelet so unique.
The crystal ab flower gives it some spunk and color.
This is something I could wear everyday with just about everything!

Wooden Bangle with Silver Filigree Embellishing
Check out Sara's hypoallergenic bracelets!
Hypoallergenic bracelets, how awesome, especially to those who are extremely sensitive to metals.
I love the unique boho-vintage ambiance that this creates.
Yet at the same time the wood makes it slightly modern and a little funky.
This is such a fun piece and I've enjoyed wearing it!
Even though it's rather large, it's actually very comfortable.

Coral Carved Cameo Necklace
Check out Serrelynda's other AMAZING necklaces!
Love the organza bag!
Ahhh, who can resist a gorgeous cameo necklace?!
Cameo necklaces are obviously known for their vintage affect.
There's something very unique about Sara's necklaces.
They feel modern, a little edgy and fun while still keeping the vintage touch.

You seriously have to check out her other necklaces. Sara is always listing new products...
I could spend a LONG time just browsing her etsy shop!!

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Savannah said...

It is all really pretty! I really like the two bracelets.




roxy said...

beautiful jewelery. my favorite is the cuff.


Kristina said...

loving the jewelry...
my faves were the cuff and the necklace...

izumi said...

love the first piece, the pearls and jewels are so unique looking :)