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BrushLab {Fresh} Thermal Round Hair Brush 

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Barrel Size: 2.5 "


The most popular round hair brush today is the round thermal hair brush, as it speeds the drying process considerably. This brush is designed for people who are looking to add volume, curl, or straighten.

Features & Benefits :

• 100% Natural premium cut boar bristles. Boar bristle hair brushes have a little more flexibility than nylon bristle hair brushes.

• Thermal ceramic coated barrel. Helps evenly distribute the heat to prevent over drying & damage.

• Maximum control = maximum results. Our signature comfort cozi™ grip is designed to massage and prevent slip ups.

• Gorgeous finishing of the ends. Boar bristles help to restore your natural shine.

• Faster blow dry.

Let me start by saying, I DO like the outcome, it added shine and volume to my hair.
Also it leaves my hair feeling smooth. 
Boar bristle brushes are very safe for fine hair, less breakage!!

Until now, I had never tried a boar bristle round brush to dry my hair with. 

The only downside is, it took a lot longer for my hair to dry.
Now, it supposedly helps to dry your hair faster.
For time's sake, I think it would work in favor if I had let me hair air-dried for a while
If I blew it dry quickly by using my fingers... 
Then once it's DAMP I could start styling with this brush.

That definitely might work better for me.

Any suggestions from you girls???

I like the grip because, unfortunately at times, your hands tend to sweat during hair drying.
Near the end of my drying session, my hand did feel a little tingly from the plastic prickles; felt a little tickled :)


Hot Tools Professional Curling Iron (1-1/2 inch)
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What the Flat Iron Experts say:
The Hot Tools Curling Iron is by far the most popular curling iron in the world, its been around since the beginning and it has lasted through time for one reason alone cause it simply works. Hot Tools Curling irons is ranked #1 on our Top Curling Iron List mainly because of their reliability, performance and most of all its low price. If you simply want a curling iron that will get the job done this will be your choice.

What the Flat Iron Experts say:
The Hot Tools curling iron heats up to 430 F, great for all hair types. Comes with 8-ft improved swivel cord for longer cord life, fewer kinks and tangles.  Hot Tools Curling Iron has a 1 year warranty so if anything happen just simply send it back to us and we will mail you a new one. If you want something economical that simply works, Hot Tools would be your #1 choice.

This iron, 1.5 inched-barrel, is suitable for longer hair.
My hair is about medium-to-long, and I can get some pretty nice curl-action goin' on!

The first time I ever curled with this iron, I kept asking myself "why does my hair keep going limp?" It wasn't holding any curl! I was so frustrated. The second time around, I decided to take SMALLER sections of hair- patience my dear... patience....
I was shocked to see the big beautiful curls that lasted the majority of the day!
So one Whitz Wordz of Wizdom points to this:
stay patient and ALWAYS take smaller sections of hair, while using a larger-barreled curling iron.

Here are some photos after I used the Hot Tools curling iron.

As you can see, the curls aren't very "curly," they are loose and more wavy.

I actually really like the long, loose curls that I get with this curling iron.
I think they are pretty, modern yet still classic.

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A BRAND YOU MUST SEE: Ellis Faas Review, Swatches and more!

I am reallly excited to bring this review to you guys today!
I don't usually write much in my product reviews because I like the pictures to speak for themselves.
HOWEVER, when a product or brand comes along that is over-the-top amazing, I MUST review this in full!!!
So please, read everything, it will be worth it, I promise!

I think this company is way beyond it's years. Especially when it comes to it's packaging. Everything is housed in these slim, sleek, bullet-shaped pens. Everything, well almost everything, from this line is in liquid form.
All can be easily carried in a space-saving Ellis Holder, check it out here. The brains behind the brand is, what I think, outstanding and super interesting. Read all about Ellis Faas here. Vogue Paris cited Ellis Faas as "one of the most influential make-up artists of her time." She happened to fall into her passion of makeup through her passion of photography. She has worked with the most famous designers, celebrities, and for some of the most well-known makeup companies including MAC, Lancome and Clinique. You know the brand Biotherm? She was asked by L'Oreal to create the makeup range for Biotherm! Read on, enjoy the products and swatches.
I am going to try to get a youtube tutorial up soon, using these products.
Please comment, and let me know what you think!


Human Colours®
Ellis Faas based the whole collection of her brand on the colours that by nature exist in every human body. From all tones of foundation to every lipstick and eyeshadow, the shades are inspired by the human body’s owns colours.

From the tawny peach of a freckle to the pure, vivid red that pulses through our veins, the ELLIS FAAS Human Colours collection looks to the human palette for inspiration. The colours that exist naturally in our bodies are complex and rich, but they're also universal, shared by each and every one of us. Based on this universal spectrum, ELLIS FAAS Human Colours complement all skin tones, and when it comes to looking one's best, what better way to highlight a great feature or mask an imperfection than with tones and hues that already exist in each of us?
Made with the highest quality ingredients, ELLIS FAAS Human Colours inspire exploration: No matter what complexion, age or style, with ELLIS FAAS a woman can customise her own look with subtle effects or dramatic flair with colours that are sure to complement and flatter.

Versatility Of Looks
Human Colours® is all about going back to nature without having to appear natural. This is because the colours can be used to achieve a subdued natural look in an extravagant theatrical way – and any style in between. In the near future, ELLIS FAAS will also provide you with shimmery powders, holographic and metal shimmers, plus various glosses to give your look a more festive appearance.

All products are fluids, not only so they all fit in same sized “bullets”, but also because an enormous part of the human body consists of water. Therefore liquid makeup tends to blend into the skin more easily than solid makeup: the products will melt into the skin instead of lie on it.

All products will come in similar shaped pens that hold the liquid colours. Right from when Ellis started developing her first ideas about the brand, she wanted the pens to be inspired by bullets. Award-winning industrial designer Arnout Visser took this idea and, together with Ellis, he started a long search for the perfect look, the best size, the right material et cetera. It has taken quite a while to get from idea to sketch to final design to computer simulation to the final product was finished, but it was worth the journey.


Made with essential oils, rose water and vitamins C and E, ELLIS FAAS blush gives cheeks a touch of colour while cooling and toning the skin for an instant fresh look. Apply a dot of colour directly to the middle of the cheek with the signature ELLIS FAAS pen and fade out with your fingertips or with the sponge that comes with the powder. ELLIS FAAS blush ensures a dewy finish and long-lasting glow.
Shade: S302
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Love this shade! It's the perfect peachy-pink!
Long lasting, gives you a dewy glow and it's packed with nutrients.


With a more translucent texture than Creamy Eyes, and a deeper, more vivid palette, ELLIS FAAS Milky Eyes can be used as a colour stain or a subtle wash.

Shade E208
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For a soft and sophisticated look, use the specifically designed ELLIS FAAS Milky Eyes sponge applicator to apply Milky Eyes all over the eyelid, then fade it with the fingertips. For more intense colour, simply re-apply a second layer of Milky Eyes. (Ellis particularly likes applying Milky Eyes across the lid and then intensifying the colour in a second layer close to the lashes.)
Pair Creamy Eyes and Milky Eyes for a dramatic look: First use Creamy Eyes for shape, then add Milky Eyes for a sheen of colour.
With its liquid consistency, these innovative and long lasting eye shadows transform into a matte powder upon application with the ELLIS FAAS signature pen. ELLIS FAAS eye shadow leaves a smooth finish and will not build up in eyelid creases, making it suitable for all skin types. Liquid to powder eye shadow is also ideal for women who are sensitive to traditional powdered eye shadow, including contact lens wearers.
This shade is difficult for me to describe, I think it's safe to say that it's a bronzed-rose shade.
It feels AMAZING!! Hydrating, yet it stays in place, it's fast, quick and easy to use!


Turn to ELLIS FAAS Glazed Lips for an ultra-wet, yet long-lasting splash of colour that combines transparency and intensity. Load the pen and slick on Glazed Lips for hours of coverage. Glazed Lips is made from plant seed oils that hydrate, as well as Tocotrienol (a powerful antioxidant and component of Vitamin E), Vitamin C, and Omegas 3 and 6. If you blot the lips after application, you will achieve a more subtle stained look.

Shade L308
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he applicator is a brush (2nd picture) and is most suitable for this texture, for ease of applying and creating the best effect.
All ELLIS LIPS products are lightweight, long-lasting and extremely easy to apply. They all contain Vitamin E and are paraben-free. All the textures in the ELLIS LIPS collection are liquid, so they immediately blend into the skin on application – making them non-sticky!

This is a gorgeous peachy-nude shade.
It's definitely on the warmer side.
It's smooth, hydrating and non-stick (gotta love that)!

How to Use, Tips, Tricks and Looks
Watch the "How to use it all" Videos HERE (extremely helpful)!
Click HERE to check out the different "looks" that can be created with Ellis Faas cosmetics. I'm digging numbers 3 and 4!

Whitz Wordz of Wizdom
(my take on this brand)
I am a HUGE fan of liquid and cream cosmetic products. Some prefer the all-mineral loose powders. Unfortunately, I never got into that; especially applying nothing but powder on my face- yuck!
It just does not feel right, to me.
I LOVE cream/liquid eyeshadows (as long as they do not crease), cream/liquid foundation and concealer, and especially cream/liquid blush!

The ONLY downside to this brand is the price. It is definitely pricey!!
So I would imagine some of you might be pretty "iffy."
Is it worth purchasing a $36 eyeshadow in a stick??
See, some of the colors are so unique and cannot be duplicated.
You can probably TRY to duplicate the color, with little success, but you CANNOT duplicate amazing texture!
So what do you recommend I try first, since I am on a limited budget?
I would consider starting with the blush. The one I reviewed (S302) would work well with all skin tones. 

I haven't tried their foundation, concealer, mascara, liners and such. Hopefully I can get you a review of those in the near future. But LET ME KNOW if you want the review of those products.

[Side Note]
When a company sends me complementary products for review purposes on my blog, I admit that I tend to feel a slight obligation to that company. However, because I have been receiving enough products over a long period of time, now I  know what is worthy of a feature and what isn't.
I am not going to feature anything that isn't worthy for you guys to read.
I will not do a review on products I don't believe in.

With that said, I believe in Ellis Faas! I really truly do!
I feel very privileged and honored to be able to review this brand for you guys.
Have you tried it? What do you think about it? Please comment!!

The following products were sent to me by the company.
I am always 100% honest in my reviews.
For more information, please read the disclaimer on the right-hand-side of my blog.
Thank you.