Itchy Dry Skin Solutions & Giveaway

Curél® Itch Defense Skin Balancing Moisture Lotion for Dry Itchy Skin...
is a revolutionary solution to the irritation that causes itching. 
The Itch Defense moisture lotion rebalances four essential components of healthy skin, restoring skin to its natural moisture levels:
  • Humectants and Emollients boost moisturization and leave skin feeling protected
  • Natural Ceramides restore skin’s barrier function and regulate skin’s ability to hold moisture
  • Accelerated Cellular Turnover minimizes dry, flaky skin and smoothes the skin’s surface, balancing the dry skin cycle
  • Balanced pH levels return skin to a healthy equilibrium

This lotion is very hydrating without being greasy.
I've been washing my hands like crazy to prevent me from getting sick again.
After washing my hands, they get super dry, and sometimes itchy.
This definitely helps to hydrate, and you can check out their proven results on their website.

Curel Fast-Absorbing Hand & Cuticle Cream
Providing immediate healing relief to dry hands, this powerful formula includes soothing soy milk, softening monoï oil, and naturally healing vitamin E. Rough cuticles are softened with just one use, and hands stay soft and smooth - never greasy - even through several hand washings.

Cuticle Softness Improvement after Single Lotion Application

Clinical tests show an immediate improvement in cuticle softness after a single application of Curél® Targeted Therapy® Hand & Cuticle Cream.
Eight hours after application, cuticles treated with Curél® Targeted Therapy® Hand & Cuticle Cream had a softness score over two times that of the untreated cuticles*.
 *Subjects were allowed to hand wash for good hygiene, but number of washes per panelist was not captured.

My mum has really dry and cracked-skin hands because she is a hair stylist and the chemicals from the dyes, etc really dry out her skin. I gave this lotion to her and she said it is actually soothing!
And she is extremely sensitive to smells and hydrating factors.

Curel Targeted Therapy Deep-Penetrating Foot Cream
Featuring highly emollient shea butter, rich coconut milk, and naturally healing vitamin E, this cream noticeably smoothes and softens dry cracked skin in just two nights, significantly improving the look and feel of even the driest feet.

Hydration Improvement after Two Applications

As measured by a Dermalab Conductance Meter (5 replicate readings), Curél® Targeted Therapy® Foot Cream provided a hydration benefit at each of the post-application time points vs. the untreated foot.
Two days after application of Curél® Targeted Therapy® Foot Cream, feet were two times more hydrated than the untreated.
Study demonstrates improvement in hydration on heels after only 2 days of application. The difference from untreated is larger after the second afternoon.

Visible Dryness Improvement after Lotion Application

Trained observer dryness scoring of two clinical studies showed a visible improvement of skin dryness over a 2 day period as well as 7 day period with application of Curél® Targeted Therapy® Foot Cream.
 *Studies demonstrate improvement in visible dryness on heels with daily application.

Improvement in Skin Moisturization Over the Course of Two Nights

In a two-day clinical study study among women with extra-dry skin, Curél® Targeted Therapy® Foot Cream significantly increased their skin's moisture content and left their feet feeling softer and smoother in the morning.

Cosmedix Rescue Balm & Mask
This all-natural balm with cherry extracts, willow herb and shea butter works to soothe irritated and inflamed skin following resurfacing treatments. Rescue immediately calms the skin and helps accelerate post-procedure recovery, letting you achieve your new look at a faster pace.
Rescue: After cleansing with Benefit Clean or Purity Clean, apply balm as needed. For mask, spread evenly over skin and leave on for a few minutes or overnight.
Q. Is Rescue only for dry skin?
A:No. Rescue can also be used to effectively aid skin recovering from peels, laser treatments, waxing, sunburns, windburns and more.
Q. Can I leave Rescue on overnight?
A: Yes. Rescue makes a wonderful overnight mask for irritated and post-treated skin.

I admit I haven't use this over-night, which sounds intriguing.
It really hydrated my hands when I was swatching/playing around with it.
It's definitely a soothing balm/mask for irritated skin.

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Jenni said...

I'd like to win these products because I came from a rather hot and humid area (hong kong) and I moved to Europe for 6 months this year and I"m not getting used to the cold, dry, windy weather here. What makes it worse is the indoors heating. The first month I'm here in Denmark, the soles of my feet were chapped like crazy, the skin flakes like no other. The worst thing is, being a student with a 20kg luggage limit, i couldn't afford to bring tons of creams and lotions with me to Europe. I saw in your post and the pictures that the hand/foot cream and the one for dry and itchy skin works so miraculous overnight, so i'd love to use them to heal my chapped skin too!

tryme.imtoxic (at) gmail (dot) com

wuzzyangel said...

Ohh this sounds good. Even though I have oily/combo face, my body has always been dry! And I swear I collect hand lotions/creams. I use them all the time. Because of my work at the hospital I'm constantly washing my hands too, and on top of that I work w/ med records so all the paper really kills my hands! I'll have to check this out! Thanks for the great review as always Whit!


Anonymous said...

i'm plague with dryness everywhere! i have to moisturizer every night and day- that's how bad it is. my legs look like they belong to a 50 yr old. i'm not sure why i'm so dry...

thanks for the review and giveaway!!!

Unknown said...

i would love to review some of them, my cuticles are pretty dry, my legs are flaky and my mum would benefit from the dry and itchy cream.


Tsuze said...

Eczema, a term I've only used to hear of from bloggers suffering from it. I've noticed drastic change in my skin condition in the past few months, it's really dry and causing Eczema on my arms,legs & face. I really don't know what can help me ease the itch and unsightly rashes, I've tried lots of lotions recommended online but am still looking for the perfect solution. Especially since I'll be travelling to China real soon, the cold weather there may likely aggravate my skin condition. I would really love to win everything featured here and try them out, hopefully they'll be the cure for my skin and end my misery.

Snowy said...

I would love to win these products so I can share them with my family. Its kind of funny because we all have very dry skin but at varying parts like my mom gets very dry and cracked skin on her feet, my sister get very dry hands, and my face is gets very dry and flaking especially around the chin and eyebrow area. I would love to win all of these items so my family can be relieved from these horrible dry skin afflictions.

izumi said...

i would LOVE to win these products.. i suffer from eczema :( and it's so hard to wear shorts or skirts or dresses when my legs look absolutely scaley. i've had a hard time finding ANYTHING that works.. and most of the time they only work partially.

anyway.. great review as always, whit! :)

Unknown said...

I would love to win these products because I really do have dry and itchy skin! Especially during the summer. I swear I have bumps all over my skin from scratching too much I dont even know what to do.

shopgurl101 AT gmail DOT com

Unknown said...

this would be great for my son's exczema. eucerin just isnt doing it.

noone said...

ohhh darn I missed your giveaway! I reecntly developed some dry skin issue where it turns red and itchy on this patch on my leg so I wanted to try this out!

Nicole Joy said...

Im having a Lush giveaway for all my fellow beauty lovers! nsiscaretti.blogspot.com or youtube.com/user/nsiscaretti. Have a great weekend!

Latinminx79 said...

Hi girl love you blog, Just FYI I nominated you for an award!!!

lydia said...

I'd like to have this cause i've eczema prone skin =( and this isnt availiable in my country