ClothesRacks.com Review!

Okay I know this is a beauty blog with a little bit of fashion and accessories thrown in...
But I just want to put this out there because I had a dilemma and found a company that helped me fix this  situation. So, if any of you are in this situation, I hope this review helps!

What do you do with ALL of your clothes when you DO NOT have a closet?
A clothing rack works wonders!
However, I have to say, get one that will actually HOLD all of your clothing.
I had an unfortunate incident with a cheap-plastic clothing rack.
(bought it somewhere like Target or Walmart)
Guess what happened?
It broke!
As I was looking at the pile of unorganized, jumble, mess of clothing I was so frustrated I wanted to scream!
I guess it was my bad, because I was relying on this cheap clothing rack to hold everything!
Bad mistake.
I started searching online and came across ClothesRacks.com.
And a message popped up saying "NO MORE BROKEN CLOTHING RACKS. Purchase Quality."
I knew this is what I needed!
I must say this clothing rack is pure heavy-duty metal!
And they shipped it EXTREMELY fast.
Only downside is you have to put it together, but I'll just get my boyfriend or my uncle to do it for me! lol!
By the way, these also make great space savers.

The rack I got is under the category of "Closet Racks"
Check them out here!
"ClothesRacks.com carries top quality laundry room clothing racks. Our variety of Laundry Room rolling Z racks can hold between 250 - 500 lbs of load capacity. The capacity comes in LIGHTMEDIUM, and HEAVY duty racks. We have created 3 design types - SINGLE railDOUBLE rail, and SPLIT rail models. Our Collapsible Series allows you to create a mobile and space saving system. To maximize your purchase we have put together Accessories that can compliment your racks. Our Z-Rack Shelves are compatible with any of our racks."

pictures above are from clothesracks.com

About ClothesRacks.com
ClothesRacks.com knows that you have a job to do. Like you, we seek out products that perform well when they are needed—from creating a tidy closet or garage to transforming a room through organization.
At ClothesRacks.com, you can find a variety of products to keep you organized, but we truly specialize in helping you hang, store, and keep clothing and accessories in one place. That’s why various organizations—from clothing manufacturers to universities—buy directly from us and are repeat customers. While you’re on our site, check out the variety of Z-Racks, garment racks, mats, and other products. We think you’ll find what you need right here, but if you have a special request we would love to know about it. We’re always looking to help you solve your garment and accessories needs.
No sales tax is charged on purchases that are shipped out of the State of Georgia!
Contact the ClothesRacks.com team directly at 1-877-637-3711 or via email at info @ clothesracks.com.

Check out some of their specials here!!


Anonymous said...

Omg I -need- this!!! Thanks so much :D

wuzzyangel said...

Haha when I was living with the BF he had soo many shirts! We needed to buy 2 of these kind of racks! And both ended being warped from our abuse! LOL!

DluxEdition.com said...

Hey sweetie!

You have a great list of blog links! Could you add my blog to the list too? I can add yours too! You have a great blog, I love your reviews.

Let me know! :)