Itchy Dry Skin Solutions & Giveaway

Curél® Itch Defense Skin Balancing Moisture Lotion for Dry Itchy Skin...
is a revolutionary solution to the irritation that causes itching. 
The Itch Defense moisture lotion rebalances four essential components of healthy skin, restoring skin to its natural moisture levels:
  • Humectants and Emollients boost moisturization and leave skin feeling protected
  • Natural Ceramides restore skin’s barrier function and regulate skin’s ability to hold moisture
  • Accelerated Cellular Turnover minimizes dry, flaky skin and smoothes the skin’s surface, balancing the dry skin cycle
  • Balanced pH levels return skin to a healthy equilibrium

This lotion is very hydrating without being greasy.
I've been washing my hands like crazy to prevent me from getting sick again.
After washing my hands, they get super dry, and sometimes itchy.
This definitely helps to hydrate, and you can check out their proven results on their website.

Curel Fast-Absorbing Hand & Cuticle Cream
Providing immediate healing relief to dry hands, this powerful formula includes soothing soy milk, softening monoï oil, and naturally healing vitamin E. Rough cuticles are softened with just one use, and hands stay soft and smooth - never greasy - even through several hand washings.

Cuticle Softness Improvement after Single Lotion Application

Clinical tests show an immediate improvement in cuticle softness after a single application of Curél® Targeted Therapy® Hand & Cuticle Cream.
Eight hours after application, cuticles treated with Curél® Targeted Therapy® Hand & Cuticle Cream had a softness score over two times that of the untreated cuticles*.
 *Subjects were allowed to hand wash for good hygiene, but number of washes per panelist was not captured.

My mum has really dry and cracked-skin hands because she is a hair stylist and the chemicals from the dyes, etc really dry out her skin. I gave this lotion to her and she said it is actually soothing!
And she is extremely sensitive to smells and hydrating factors.

Curel Targeted Therapy Deep-Penetrating Foot Cream
Featuring highly emollient shea butter, rich coconut milk, and naturally healing vitamin E, this cream noticeably smoothes and softens dry cracked skin in just two nights, significantly improving the look and feel of even the driest feet.

Hydration Improvement after Two Applications

As measured by a Dermalab Conductance Meter (5 replicate readings), Curél® Targeted Therapy® Foot Cream provided a hydration benefit at each of the post-application time points vs. the untreated foot.
Two days after application of Curél® Targeted Therapy® Foot Cream, feet were two times more hydrated than the untreated.
Study demonstrates improvement in hydration on heels after only 2 days of application. The difference from untreated is larger after the second afternoon.

Visible Dryness Improvement after Lotion Application

Trained observer dryness scoring of two clinical studies showed a visible improvement of skin dryness over a 2 day period as well as 7 day period with application of Curél® Targeted Therapy® Foot Cream.
 *Studies demonstrate improvement in visible dryness on heels with daily application.

Improvement in Skin Moisturization Over the Course of Two Nights

In a two-day clinical study study among women with extra-dry skin, Curél® Targeted Therapy® Foot Cream significantly increased their skin's moisture content and left their feet feeling softer and smoother in the morning.

Cosmedix Rescue Balm & Mask
This all-natural balm with cherry extracts, willow herb and shea butter works to soothe irritated and inflamed skin following resurfacing treatments. Rescue immediately calms the skin and helps accelerate post-procedure recovery, letting you achieve your new look at a faster pace.
Rescue: After cleansing with Benefit Clean or Purity Clean, apply balm as needed. For mask, spread evenly over skin and leave on for a few minutes or overnight.
Q. Is Rescue only for dry skin?
A:No. Rescue can also be used to effectively aid skin recovering from peels, laser treatments, waxing, sunburns, windburns and more.
Q. Can I leave Rescue on overnight?
A: Yes. Rescue makes a wonderful overnight mask for irritated and post-treated skin.

I admit I haven't use this over-night, which sounds intriguing.
It really hydrated my hands when I was swatching/playing around with it.
It's definitely a soothing balm/mask for irritated skin.

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ClothesRacks.com Review!

Okay I know this is a beauty blog with a little bit of fashion and accessories thrown in...
But I just want to put this out there because I had a dilemma and found a company that helped me fix this  situation. So, if any of you are in this situation, I hope this review helps!

What do you do with ALL of your clothes when you DO NOT have a closet?
A clothing rack works wonders!
However, I have to say, get one that will actually HOLD all of your clothing.
I had an unfortunate incident with a cheap-plastic clothing rack.
(bought it somewhere like Target or Walmart)
Guess what happened?
It broke!
As I was looking at the pile of unorganized, jumble, mess of clothing I was so frustrated I wanted to scream!
I guess it was my bad, because I was relying on this cheap clothing rack to hold everything!
Bad mistake.
I started searching online and came across ClothesRacks.com.
And a message popped up saying "NO MORE BROKEN CLOTHING RACKS. Purchase Quality."
I knew this is what I needed!
I must say this clothing rack is pure heavy-duty metal!
And they shipped it EXTREMELY fast.
Only downside is you have to put it together, but I'll just get my boyfriend or my uncle to do it for me! lol!
By the way, these also make great space savers.

The rack I got is under the category of "Closet Racks"
Check them out here!
"ClothesRacks.com carries top quality laundry room clothing racks. Our variety of Laundry Room rolling Z racks can hold between 250 - 500 lbs of load capacity. The capacity comes in LIGHTMEDIUM, and HEAVY duty racks. We have created 3 design types - SINGLE railDOUBLE rail, and SPLIT rail models. Our Collapsible Series allows you to create a mobile and space saving system. To maximize your purchase we have put together Accessories that can compliment your racks. Our Z-Rack Shelves are compatible with any of our racks."

pictures above are from clothesracks.com

About ClothesRacks.com
ClothesRacks.com knows that you have a job to do. Like you, we seek out products that perform well when they are needed—from creating a tidy closet or garage to transforming a room through organization.
At ClothesRacks.com, you can find a variety of products to keep you organized, but we truly specialize in helping you hang, store, and keep clothing and accessories in one place. That’s why various organizations—from clothing manufacturers to universities—buy directly from us and are repeat customers. While you’re on our site, check out the variety of Z-Racks, garment racks, mats, and other products. We think you’ll find what you need right here, but if you have a special request we would love to know about it. We’re always looking to help you solve your garment and accessories needs.
No sales tax is charged on purchases that are shipped out of the State of Georgia!
Contact the ClothesRacks.com team directly at 1-877-637-3711 or via email at info @ clothesracks.com.

Check out some of their specials here!!


Noblegas Apparel Review & Pictures!

About Nobelgas Apparel:
Noblegas Apparel is an African fabric, clothing and accessories store. We stock up Stylish and Fashionable Clothing such as blazers, skirts all made with beautiful Ankara and other African fabrics. Our accessories are handmade with top quality materials and the designs are exclusive to us. Our fabrics: Laces and Ankara are also very good quality fabrics.
Our stock is forever changing to keep in line with trendy fashion and demand. Our business is based on the belief that our customers' needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.
All delivered at your door step by USPS.
We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry - African Fashion.

3500 Woodchase Drive
Houston, TX 77042

Pink Purse with Round Handle
This purse has some pleated details to ehance it looks and 2 large pockets inside for your organisation needs.
Buy it HERE

Pink Bangle
This dome exterior shaped bangle is a wooden bangle covered with African fabric.
Buy it HERE

Grey Ruffle Front Elbow-Sleeved Shirt
This Shirt has a ruffle front and an ajustable string at the waist to fit your waist.
Buy it HERE

Grey & Orange Bangle
(matches the shirt above)
This dome exterior shaped bangle is a wooden bangle covered with African fabric.

Buy it HERE

This is the same exact shirt (as he one above) but in a different fabric!

I had to include this, it's so unique and funky.
I LOVE it!

How cute is this bag?
How cute is this bag?

Everything from Noblegas Apparel is unique, funky, african style, yet wearable by just about everyone.
Let's say you are wearing a white tank top with skinny jeans...
To vamp it up, you could wear that fun blazer (above) OR carry around one of those funky handbags!
I am not one who usually wears African clothing... 
Pretty much, most of my wardrobe consists of black clothing!
If you're like me, just free yourself from the darkness and check out their website.
Who knows, you might be pleasantly surprised!

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Fusion Beauty: PureFusion Review


Introducing PureFusion MicroOrganics.
Clinically proven to deliver visibly younger skin in 4 weeks.
100% saw healthier skin.
87% said their skin looked more youthful and radiant.
70% saw a reduction in fine lines & wrinkles.
Our patented, certified organic dehydrasome delivery system infuses skin with USDA organic superfood ingredients to sustain a younger, fresher, more luminous complexion.

Energy Surge Revitalizing Foaming Cleanse
Buy it HERE
PureFusion Energy Surge Revitalizing Foaming Cleanse is a luxurious, gentle lathering cleanser that clarifies imperfections, effectively removes makeup, purges pores, and eliminates excess oil and daily build-up without stripping away vital moisture. 
 Rejuvenating Pumpkin/Papaya, rich in natural enzymes, encourages healthy cell turnover and renewal while softening and smoothing skin. Phospholipids and Sunflower Oil penetrate to help entrap moisture, plumping and further softening skin. Acai Berry, the ultimate energy food, helps replenish and strengthen skin with Omegas 3 & 6 for improved circulation and a healthy glow. 
  • 75% certified USDA organic
  • Removes makeup, purges pores and eliminates excess oil and daily build-up
  • Pumpkin/Papaya softens and smoothes skin
  • Sunflower Oil locks in moisture
  • cai Berry replenishes and strengthens skin
  • 145ml/4.5fl oz

 I really like this foaming cleanser!
It removes my makeup and afterward my skin feels soft and smooth.
I definitely look more radiant if I use it on a consistent regimen.
I think this is such a great product for all skin types.
And the price is pretty much the average cost for a cleanser at Sephora.

Daily Dose Nutrient Age Protect Moisture Creme-Gel
Buy it HERE
PureFusion Daily Dose Nutrient Age Protect Moisture Cream Gel is a naturally nutritious, botanically-based moisture cream gel that delivers intensive hydration, fights the visible signs of aging, and replenishes radiance. 
Vitamin-C rich Red Raspberry boosts collagen production and evens skin tone. Pumpkin/Mushroom blend calms, soothes, and encourages new protein production to replenish dull, drier complexions and renew skin’s naturally healthy radiance. Pure Coconut Oil delivers vitamins and essential fatty acids to enhance skin’s natural elasticity. Avocado Oil helps replenish skin’s lipid layer and deeply moisturize, and natural Beeswax forms a breathable barrier to entrap skin’s moisture and maintain its health and hydration. 
95% certified organic. Suited for normal to dry skintypes. For optimal results, smooth over face and neck after cleansing.
  • 95% certified USDA organic
  • Botanically-based moisture cream gel delivers intensive hydration, fights visible signs of aging and replenishes radiance
  • Red Raspberry boosts collagen production and evens skin tone.
  • Pumpkin/Mushroom blend renews skin's naturally healthy radiance
  • Pure Coconut Oil enhances skin's elasticity
  • Avocado Oil replenishes skin's lipid layer and deeply moisturizes
  • Beeswax forms breathable barrier to entrap skin's moisture
  • 48g/1.7oz

The consistency of this product is really unique.
It's a gel and a cream, so it's jelly yet creamy at the same time.
It's nice for dry skin (maybe some normal skintypes can use it too), but if you're oily stay away.
I love using this on my neck as well- it's soothing and very very hydrating!

The following products were sent to me by a PR firm.
I am always 100% honest in my reviews.
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