Victoria's Secret Beauty: Life is Pink & Very Sexy Now

Ashley Tisdale celebrates the Life is Pink collection!


Launching with a trio of scents, the Life is PINK fragrance collection is a distinct and colorful expression of the PINK girl’s dynamic personality. Inspired by key moments that shape her world, each fragrance comes to life in a unique scent and collectable bottle: Wish PINK is signified by a heart; Live PINK blooms as a sunny daisy; and Hope PINK is represented by a peace sign.

All three Life is PINK scents available in: EAU DE PARFUM 1.7 oz. BODY LOTION 4.2 oz. SHEER FRAGRANCE MIST 4.2 oz. ROLLERBALL FRAGRANCE .25 oz.

WISH PINK A romantic blend of Peony and Vanilla. Wish PINK is the ultimate girly girl. Addicted to love and lipstick. Always the center of attention. Collects pretty things. Finds excuses to dress in the frilliest frocks. Wears diamonds and pearls. Nails painted pink. Adores a scent that’s soft and romantic. Young hearts love free.

LIVE PINK A bright blend of Passion Fruit and Raspberry Nectar. Live PINK is uniquely creative. Independent thinker. Inspired by art and photography. Shops for vintage clothes. Listens to obscure bands. Takes risks. Craves culture. Passionate about changing the world. Likes a fragrance that’s bright and bold. Everything’s coming up daisies.

HOPE PINK A fresh blend of Strawberry and Jasmine Petals. Hope PINK is a natural beauty. Comfiest in a pair of worn jeans and a faded t-shirt. Lives in flip flops but prefers bare feet. Treasure hunts at the local flea markets. Writes poetry. Picks wild flowers. Always outdoors. Loves a fragrance that’s clean and fresh. Love in, peace out.

What’s sexy right now? High-octane glamour. Bold animal prints. Vibrant, exotic colors. Hot metallic accents.
Wild and sultry in the safari-chic patterns of the season, this lush, limited-edition mix of Frangipani Nectar, Jungle Lily and Purple Orchid sizzles this spring.
(limited edition)

A GREEN FRUITY-FLORAL FRAGRANCE TOP: Pink Lemonade, Green Thai Lime, Rainwater Accord MIDDLE: Frangipani Nectar, Lush Jungle Lily, Dewy Purple Orchid DRY-DOWN: Golden Bamboo, Teak, Soft Musks

EAU DE PARFUM 2.5 oz., $49
SHEER SEXY MIST 8.4 oz., $24 Soothing, all-over mist touches skin with sheer scent.
SHIMMERING BODY LOTION 6.7 oz., $20 Luminous lotion leaves skin soft, scented and glowing in warm golden glimmer. Layer with Eau de Parfum for sultry scent that lingers.

Limited-edition Very Sexy Now fragrance is available from March to June 2010, exclusively at Victoria’s Secret stores and VictoriasSecret.com.


wuzzyangel said...

Live Pink sounds like it would smell good! I like the Satin (?) scent from VS.

LipGlossGossip said...

I LOVE Very Sexy Now! It's my favorite scent from Victoria Secret! I hate that it's only available for a few months out of the year! :-)

dblchin (double chin) said...

wow! nice! thanks for sharing!!! Hope they bring VS into singapore someday!