Palladio Beauty Review #1!

If you'd rather shop in person than online, you can go to Sally Beauty Supply and check out the items there (in person).

Read about Palladio Beauty HERE.

Rice Paper
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Another traditional product that was created from the original Rice Powder. This very unique, oil-absorbing two-sided, tissue is made with Natural Rice. The Matte side (without powder) is for blotting to absorb the excess oils and the Powdered side is for finishing. Packaged in a pull out tissue component with the convenience of purse size - very handy for the consumer. And also has two natural skin shades:
Natural for all skin tones.
Warm Beige- for all darker skin tones.
Use it as a carry-on and in-between make up corrector, finisher and refresher. Choose color as mentioned above for the proper skin shade.

Herbal Eye Liner
in Pure Black
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I really like retractable eye liners!
(well, PIGMENTED ones)
This liner is awesome!!
Very pigmented, stays in place for a decent amount of time.
And it's super inexpensive!!!
This is $4.50 compared to MAC's Graphblack Technakohl Liner which is somewhere around ~$15.

Herbal Tinted Lip Balm
in Champagne
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Enriched with UV filters to protect the lips, this unique lip balm formula moisturizes the lips while adding sheer color that lasts
longer than most balms.
This is a nice, hydrating, NUDE-SHADE lip balm (in a chapstick tube).
It is somewhat sheer, but it's so slick and smooth- feels great on the lips!

See the pretty golden shimmers? :)

Baked Blush
in Rosey
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Our baked blushes are a "Wet-Dry" application! Apply it dry for a discreet look and wet for a dramatic effect!

Gorgeous pale pink!
But in person it looks peachy pink!!
(it looks washed out in the photos below)

Trio Baked Eye Shadow
in Metallics
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If you’re a fan of shimmery long wear eye products, browse through the selection of baked eye shadows available at Palladio. Baked shadows are generally more water resistant than regular pan shadows are, and many boast shimmery satin finishes.
For a quick and easy daytime look, choose one of the multi-colored pans and brush the lightest shade over your entire lid. Then, apply the medium shade in the crease. Finish the look by wetting an angled eye brush and using it to apply the darkest shade as a liner. Apply them dry for a natural look or wet for an intense, dramatic effect.
These kind of remind me of the MAC LE trio Baked Shadows from "RED SHE SAID" Collection... Except tons cheaper!


pigmented, shimmery, metallic
I need more of these!
Only $8!!!

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Liana said...

omg i totally want to check them all out now! that lip balm looks awesome! thanks for sharing! :)

Laura L said...

wow, this is pretty cool. I'm sort'a attracted with the blush, the color is really nice and it looks really sheer and smooth

Jules said...

Everything looks great. I'm especially interested in getting the blush. I'm such a blush addict lol great reviews

Catherine said...

have any skincare problems? Want healthier skin?

Hop on over to

jalyssacakex said...

So, I am definitely going to check this line out..I have seen it many times at Sally's, only makeup is never my concern when I'm there lol...but I always assumed it was of low quality. Those bronze shades of eyeshadow are gorgeous! reminds me of Physician's Formula..and I have been wanting to add to my blush collection..and I never buy cheaper blushes cuz they aren't appropriate for the looks I want..I'm going to try Palladio.thanks for sharing hun!