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About Luzern Labs:
Cosmecutical Anti-Aging Actives
In short, Cosmecutical Grade products use active ingredients at higher levels than "over the counter" products in order to get more consistent and significant results. Luzern spares no expense in formulating with the most effective anti-aging ingredients, no matter how expensive or rare in order to obtain these results. These are formulating principles we have always held to, and ones that set us apart from other brands. Luzern products contain an average of 80% Bio-Active Ingredients. Eight times the average of other brands.
Bio-Swiss Certified Extracts
The "Gold Standard" of Organic Extracts. Pristine, yet harsh Alpine growing conditions cause these extracts to have scientifically proven, higher levels of anti-oxidants and polyphenols, the most essential ingredients in quality Anti-Aging Skin Care. Bio-Swiss cultivation and extraction, produces bio-available activity with unsurpassed power to protect the skin from the negative impact of chemical and environmental damage.
Preservative Free/Pure Processing
Anti-Aging promises are too often counteracted by harmful chemical additives and synthetic preservatives. These are used in almost every formulating process. Avoiding the most commonly used additives such as parabens, petrochemicals, formaldehyde's, synthetic preservatives, colours and fragrances, can help you avoid irritation, breakouts and the pre-mature aging of the skin. Best of all using a Preservative Free/Pure Processing system allows us to keep sensitive active ingredients safe, making them more effective in producing superior results.
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Organic Micro-Exfoliant
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Complexion Perfecting Exfoliating Scrub
Size: 2.0 FL. OZ / 60ml
Rich textured, ultra-gentle scrub with serious smoothing power. Combines micro-fine jojoba beads and an infusion of certified organic botanicals to refine and brighten the appearance of skin, improve hydration, and clear clogged pores. Imparts a youthful glow, smooths skin texture and refines pores. Great for all skin types.
FORMULATED WITHOUT: - Preservatives - Parabens - Sulfates - Propylene Glycol - Synthetic Fragrances - Synthetic Dyes - Petro-Chemicals - GMOs - Phthalates

Key Benefits:

o Eases away dulling flakes, excess oil and impurities to expose a new radiance
o Helps erase the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
o Refines pores
o Prepares skin to get the most out of your moisturizer.

Key Ingredients:

o Micro Jojoba Beads - wash away dulling dead surface cells
o Olive Oil Squalene - hydrate and condition skin
o Hyssopus Officinalis Extract - provide natural anti-bacterial and antioxidant action

Application: Apply a quarter size amount to center of palm and add a small amount of water. Gently massage onto skin in circular motions avoiding the eye area and rinse thoroughly with warm water. Use twice per week. If irritation occurs discontinue use immediately.
It's creamy, doesn't leave any residue on the skin, and the jojoba beads do not harm the skin so it's gentle for all skin types.

Force de Vie
Pure Oxygen Lotion
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Lightweight Moisture and Powerful Anti-Aging Actives
Size: 1.0 FL OZ / 30ml
A lotion of the future: Elegant in texture, ultra effective and free of toxic impurities and preservatives. Pure Oxygen with Co-Q10 and Hyaluronic Acid bring a luminous glow to tired skin, balance moisture, diminish signs of lines and wrinkles and promote fresh collagen growth. Skin is toned, firmed and visibly younger-looking. Excellent for normal, normal/combination and oily skin types. Gentle enough for even the most delicate skin.
FORMULATED WITHOUT: - Preservatives - Parabens - Sulfates - Propylene Glycol - Synthetic Fragrances - Synthetic Dyes - Petro-Chemicals - Phthalates

Key Benefits:

o Promotes fresh, luminous looking skin
o Diminishes signs of lines and wrinkles
o Hydrates without feeling heavy on skin
o Promotes firmer, more even-toned surface skin
o Promotes healthy collagen renewal and cellular detoxification

Key Ingredients:

o Biodyne Tissue Respirotory Factor (Time-released) - boosts oxygen levels of Fibroblasts and Dermal Papillae for fresh-looking, more luminous skin
o Coenzyme Q10 (Time-released) - boosts cellular anti-wrinkle energy
o Alpha Lipoic Acid - boosts antioxidant protection
o Bio-Swiss Certified Edelwiess - boosts resistance to environmental irritants
o Hyaluronic Acid - boosts intercellular hydration
Application: Apply AM/PM after cleansing. Can be used on neck if desired.
This is so lightweight- feels great on the skin!
I love that is has Hyaluronic Acid, to keep moisture locked in to each cell in your skin.

Serum Vanish Absolut
Treatment for Under-Eye Dark Circles/Puffiness
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Treats Serious Dark Circles and Puffiness in the Eye Area
Size: 0.8 FL OZ / 24ml
Sophisticated under-eye care neutralizes visible discoloration, puffiness and inflammation. Brightens the eye area and reduce the appearance of dark circles and hyper-pigmentation by decreasing capillary permeability and inhibiting tyrosinase. Diminishes puffiness by improving lymphatic micro-circulation. Inhibits inflammation and swelling from rubbing, surgery, allergies, etc. For all skin types, including sensitive and rosacea-prone.
FORMULATED WITHOUT: - Preservatives - Parabens - Emulsifiers - Sulfates - Propylene Glycol - Synthetic Fragrances - Synthetic Dyes - Oil - Petro-Chemicals - GMOs - Phthalates

Key Benefits:

o Diminishes the appearance of under-eye dark circles
o Diminishes puffiness, inflammation and fluid retention
o Erases signs of fatigue so eyes look fresher, more youthful
o Potent antioxidant and strong anti-inflammatory
o For all skin types, including sensitive or rosacea-prone skin.

Key Ingredients:

o * Horse Chestnut Extract and Soya Peptides- Decreasing capillary permeability to eliminates visible under-eye dark circles
o Stable Vitamin C, Bearberry Extract and Thymus Vulagaris Extract- Inhibiting tyrosinase to neutralizes visible discoloration and hyper-pigmentation
o Saccharomyces Lysate Extract- Accelerates cell turnover to reveal younger-looking, fresher, more rested eyes
o # Echinacea Extract, Willow Herb Extract and Calendula Extract- Strong anti-inflammatory action to reduce swelling from rubbing, surgery, allergies, etc.
o Cypress Extract and Hydrolyzed Rice Bran Extract- Reduce puffiness by improving lymphatic micro-circulation
Application: Squeeze 1 - 2 drops into palm of hand and apply to skin around the eyes AM and PM. Leave 1 – 2 minutes before apply another product. Follow with Force De Vie Eye Contour if desired. If irritation occurs, discontinue use immediately.

System O2 Infuse
Pure Molecular Oxygen Treatment Mask
with Co-Enzyme Q10
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Take-Home Energizing Oxygen Facial
Size: 3x 21ml Tubes + 3ml V12 vial

Key Benefits:

o Boosts fresh cell turnover, collagen synthesis, and detoxification
o Skin feels instanly smoother, firmer
o Brightens complexion
o Hydrates dry skin
o Gives an instant burst of radiance to tired skin
o NOTE: combine mask and Vitamin C serum just before application

Key Ingredients:

o Biodyne Tissue Respirotory Factor (Time-released) - oxygenates cells to boost energy and regeneration
o 15% Pure Vitamin C - brightens uneven skin tone
o Co-enzyme Q10 - boosts skin's natural anti-wrinkle energy
o Organic Pyrus Malus Fruit Extract - instantly firm and tighten
o Kaolin Clay - detoxifies, fights acne. Leaves skin silky soft
Application: 1. Clean face and neck 2. Open one of the Treatment Mask tubes by twisting cap off 3. Squeeze contents of tube into a small bowl or dish 4. Add 5 drops of Serum V12 Absolut into the dish. Stir until blended together. 5. Apply to face and neck, avoiding eye area. 6. Gently massage into skin for 30-60 seconds. Leave on for 10-15 minutes. 7. Rinse off thoroughly with warm water and a washcloth and pat dry. For maximum effectiveness, this facial treatment should be done once a week. To enhance results, massage a few drops of Serum V12 Absolut into rough, dry or wrinkled areas before applying mask. Individualized Serums Absoluts can also be added to customize results.
Organic Cosmeceuticals

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