Beaute Cosmetics Review #2!

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I love Beaute!!

Liqui-Gel Stain
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Sheer berry, beautiful on both pale and dark skins.
Benefits & Tips:
Easily blends due to its unique liqui-gel texture
Incredibly long lasting pigment sets to stain the skin for long wearing color
Can be easily combined with Luminous Volume Gloss for a custom lip look
To apply The Liqui-gel Stain for Cheeks and Lips as blush:
Beauté Creative Director Beau Nelson recommends applying on freshly moisturized skin or over cream or liquid foundation that has not yet been powdered. Apply to one cheek at a time using the doe foot applicator to dot the stain on the desired area. Start with a little product and build to desired intensity, the stains are very pigmented. Working quickly use the Beauté Foundation brush, fingers or a damp sponge brush to blend the color to the desired intensity. Repeat to build color.
“These stains unique liqui-gel texture allows them to be easily blended for about 12 seconds before setting and staining the skin for long wearing color. The result Is a stain that never “grabs” or “streaks” leaving the skin looking fresh and radiant.”
To Apply The Liqui-Gel Stain for Cheeks and Lips to stain the lips:
Using the doe foot applicator, apply stain to clean, dry lips, starting in the center of the lips and moving outwards. For a sheer stain use only a touch of color and use the Beauté Lip Brush, or a finger to blend the stain over the lip. For a deeper or brighter stain, apply to the entire lip and allow to dry, repeat until desired intensity is achieved.
“I created the Liqui-Gel Stains to complement our Luminous Volume Gloss collection, there are endless combinations to try. Experiment and find your new favorite combination”
Suggested Combinations:
Fever Stain + Lady Stardust Gloss = Sheer moist red lips with a hint of sparkle
Fever Stain + Urge Gloss = Sheer glossy candy apple red
Flouron Stain + Girlie Show Gloss = Bright but soft baby pink
Neon Stain + Chimera Gloss = Radiant shimmering coral
Harlot Stain + Heroine Gloss = Glossy plum stain
WOW! Seriously this is a gorgeous vibrant color!
I put it on my lips to stain them for hours and just apply any kind of gloss ontop!
You can achieve hundreds of looks with this one lip stain- it's insane!!

Luminous Volume Gloss
in Skin Trade
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Expertly balanced sheer creamy beige.
The only bummer about this was the brush- somehow is frayed when I took it out of the tube for the first time...
It's okay though, because the color is amazing!
It's definitely a warmer nude shade.
Perfect for golden-based skin-tones.
Even though I am more rose-based, it still looks lovely.
Benefits & Tips
Moisturizes and hydrates
Plumps and shapes
Smoothes fine lines and wrinkles
Defines surface area
Apply Beauté Cosmetics Luminous Volume Glosses as needed to moisturize and plump the lips. Apply to clean, dry lips with the easy to use Taklon brush throughout the day for seductive volumized shine.
Luminous Volume Gloss can be applied under or over lip color and/or pencil

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wuzzyangel said...

Whoa now that's a stain! LOL!

But the gloss looks like a great nude shade! :)

lindah said...

I want that nude gloss! :) But damnnn why's it gotta be $26?!?! :( If it really plumps your lips I guess it's halfway worth it LOL