Update and Pretty Awesome Drugstore Haul!!


Dana Yoshimizu said...

LOL I love how excited you were to show us the stuff you bought. You're excitement about the prodcuts totally make me want to go out and get some for myself!! ^__^ hahaha

& goodness there was a lot. you practially ran out of room on your had for swatches!

wuzzyangel said...

Missed ya Whit! :) Congrats on getting a new place! Hope the rest of your move goes smoothly! :) I know how tizzy that can get!

LOL no CVS here, & Walgreens is to far from me, but I got Kmart, Target, & Walmart! LOL!

Nice haul! You went all out woman! LOL! Thanks for doing all the swatchies! Even though you didn't like this lighting! LOL! See how we all help each other w/ drugstore dupes for our fave brands! LOL!

Nik said...

Great haul! Drugstore brands are starting to step up!


hanidee said...

Awesome! I use the same define a brow in dark blonde! I love it so much. its a shame for 6 bucks you don't get much product, lol.

lindah said...

I wanna pick up the new maybelline quads! I'm gonna wait until the hype is over with... or just until they're bogo at ulta lol! :)