Rock & Republic FOTD, Swatches, and Tutorial!!

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Exhibition Pressed Powder
in Suede
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  • Silky, smooth texture
  • Fine jet-milled powder
  • Contains Vitamin E to restore the skins balance
  • Oil absorbing
  • Provides sheer to medium coverage
There's no better way to exhibit your skin, then with this exquisite finely milled powder.

The ultra-smooth, soft and silky texture gently caresses your complexion while while eliminating shine.

Evens out tone and absorbs oil transforming skin into the perfect canvas.

Use a final dusting over face to keep makeup perfectly set for hours.

It's so true, this powder is so silky to the touch.
Blends effortlessly onto the skin (*make sure you use a brush*).
You can achieve better coverage by using a kabuki brush.
The only downside for me is that SUEDE (this shade) is a tad too dark for my skin, maybe I should try Silk or Satin.

Contrived Pressed Blush
in Lust
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  • Smooth, silky texture
  • Available in three finishes: matte, shimmer and transluent
  • Can be used to highlight or accent
Meet your cheeks' new best friend. Rock & Republic's pressed blush is made to highlight every contour and add glowing life to the complexion. With three different textures, we leave it to you to contrive a signature look. Use the matte finish (M) for times that call for a more refined look; go for shimmer (SH) when the mood is fun and flirtatious; choose translucent when it's all about embodying natural beauty.

Like I said in my video tutorial (below).
Lust reminds me of a darker NARS "Orgasm" blush.
It's a peachy-pink with gold shimmer (not glitter or sparkle).
I LOVE this color!!! I think it's a must have item if you are first getting into Rock & Republic Cosmetics!

Saturate Eye Colour
Shades: Wicked & Vintage
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  • Available in three finishes: matte, satin or shimmer
  • Long wearing, formulated for easy application
  • Richly pigmented
  • Fine jet-milled powder
  • Full range of shades
Left: Vintage and Right: Wicked

I'd describe it as a soft neutral medium brown.
Perfect crease shade!!

I'd describe this shade as a darkened eggplant, plum, berry-tone.
Think MAC's Sketch, but with more plummy-tones in it.

Swatches of Vintage and Wicked.
From bold and daring to subtle and chic, Rock & Republic's richly pigmented shades of eye color completely saturate lids, allowing eyes to speak volumes all on their own. The cushiony-soft, ultra-blendable formula comes in shades ranging from electrifyingly vibrant to sharp and sleek, while matte (M), shimmer (SH) and satin (S) finishes let you be the ultimate master of your beauty domain. Unique, creaseless formula stays put.
The pigmentation is INSANE!
Smooth and silky to apply.
They are EXTREMELY long-wearing- seriously, you can take my word for it!

Bound Gel Eye Liner
in Smut (black)
Buy it HERE
  • Gel, cream texture
  • Deeply pigmented
  • Long wearing
Creating scintillating eye effects just got easier, as Rock & Republic presents eyeliner with options. The ultra-luxe gel texture is a dream to work with, gliding on like silk. Create subtle eye-enhancing lines to thick, dramatic dashes of color, bringing a shot of glamour into every stroke. The ultra-long-wearing formula is bound to your eyes for hours on end, eliminating the chance of even the faintest smear. From the hottest of days to the steamiest of nights, this baby's staying put 24/7. Deeply pigmented in bold, extravagant shades, the Gel Eyeliner is a sublime compliment to eyes of every tone and shape.
Thanks to the easy-to-blend formula, a steady hand is no longer a requirement and expertly lined eyes are in your power. The line can be smudged in with fingers for a smoldering, smoky effect or applied with a makeup brush for a stronger, linear look. The choice is in your hands. Be as edgy as you dare to be.
Available in Matte (M) or Shimmer (SH).

Extremist Mascara
in Noir (black)
Buy it HERE
  • Extremely volumnizing
  • Long wearing
  • Non-flaking, non-clumping
  • Contains Vitamin E for conditioning
Rock & Republic takes eyes to the extreme with this decadently rich, ultra-conditioning mascara. The luxuriously volumizing formula is like a push-up bra for your lashes, as your fringe assets are taken to dizzying new heights and towering lengths. Unsightly clumps, bumps and lumps are banished forever thanks to the genius non-flaking, non-clumping formula. Expect a seamless application every time, as each and every lash—from root to tip—is brought to life with one swipe of the wand.

My Rock & Republic FOTD
(scroll down to see how I created this look)

*Products were sent to me by a PR firm.
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Hollywood said...

The blush in LUST looks so gorgeous I don't really like Orgasm cause it doesn't show much on my skin !!! But this one...will I am 100% sure.

Great blog you are very pretty =)

wuzzyangel said...

I've missed lots of WHit FOTD pics!! Yay!! This is such a gorgeous bronzy goddess look!

The packaging on all the products if very chic looking! ANd the poweder is so creamy!

izumi said...

yayyyyy i've missed your camwhoring and your fotd's!! gorgeous look :)

Unknown said...

Those are some awesome products. Thanks for the review and you look so pretty!!!

Laura L said...

omg, R&R is so rock! the packaging is super, super nice. but it is expensive. LOVE your review:)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous FOTD! Very natural but glamourous, what with all the gold shades. Nice products, you do great swatches!

Jules said...

You look gorgeous as always Whitney. Love love love the blush and the eye shadows are nicely pigmented. The packaging looks very sleek as well.

Angel said...

FYI: R&R website is having 50% on cosmetics when you use "ROCKCOSMETICS" during check out!! oh and did i mention the shipping is 99 CENTS!!!! im excited to get my first R&R blush tomorrow!!

Firewater_Tigerlily said...

I think sketch by mac it's almost a dead on dupe for Wicked from comparing pics...I can't really tell the difference between the two..and I don't own any MAC or R&R....btw is there a dupe for either one of these colors? maybe from L'oreal HIP or something? email back with response Please: ruby_woo_who@rocketmail.com
please write me back! Thank-You!