My First Sleek Palette and MAC VA Exfoliator Review!

So I bought this Sleek palette a little while back from OxfordJasmine on youtube (I think she was having a blog sale)...
I am sooo excited, because this is my first Sleek palette, and I always hear so many amazing things about them!
I also tweeted a while back that I wanted to try MAC's Volcanic Ash Exfoliator (old news, I know). Mel was kind enough to sell me her backup!! Thank you love!!

MAC Volcanic Ash Exfoliator
Some people love it, some people hate it.
I realllly like it!!
I think the smell is a little odd, but not in a bad way.
One of those scents that grows on you (like most LUSH scents do for me).
For example, I used to HATE LUSH's Vanilla Delite Body Lotion, and now I can't get enough of it- it's my favorite scent of all time! Crazy!!!

I like the texture because as the granules slowly disperse into the skin, they break down and emulsify- so it's not harsh at all. Something any skin type could benefit from.

Sleek Palette
in Graphite

The swatches speak for themselves!
Super pigmented, smooth, metallic, fun fun fun!!
Anyone recommend any other Sleek palettes?


wuzzyangel said...

They're soo pigmented right?! LOL! I got a palette for xmas. But I'm saving it! LOL!

ghreizy said...

oh.. I also wanted a sleek palette! The acid one has neon bright color and chaos is also pretty. I won from a giveaway a sleek palette, It is very hard to choose and I ended up on the original palette. Your swatches makes me more excited to have it in my hands! Thank you whitz!

hanidee said...

Beautiful swatches, I've always wanted a sleek palette! You should definitely try the Original, Storm, Chaos and Safari palettes if you can!

kidulove said...

hey girl, im a new follower. I just had to leave a comment here to share to the love for these palettes i own 4 of them, and let me tell you there a amazing. specially for the prize. Here are some websites that are trust worthy. I have gotten mine there. So i want to share the love.

the two sites below is where i purchased the palettes.


this is another site that sells them, i personally have not bought from the site below, but ive heard about this site from a youtube guru.


i hope this helps..