Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes Review + Swatches!

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I mentioned this in one of my videos.
I've had time to play around with these and I am super impressed by the pigmentation, longevity, and silky-smooth texture!
My favorites are the black, plum, and champagne colors.
The champagne color is great for the waterline and to brighten up the inner-tear ducts.
The black is also wonderful for the waterline, and it's works nicely to create a smokey-effect if you smudge it on the upper-lash-line!
The plum is a BEAUTIFUL purple! If you read my blog, you'll know I adore purples and this shade is no exception.
I hope these swatches help if you are looking to purchase a full-size Aqua Eyes.
#0L (black), #21L (dark grey), #12L (blue w/green highlights)
#4L (plum), and #23L (champagne)

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sternchenslove said...

The colors are great. Especially the blue-green is very pretty!

I heard great things about this liner. I definitely check them out this year!

Thanks for the post!


sindylicious said...

I have these! Looove em

I want the huge box so bad but it is so pricey

wuzzyangel said...

Ahh Aqua Eyes is LOVE!! Ohh that Gray one is too purrdy! I have purple, black, & blue from them! LOL!

Kristina said...

Hey Whit!

It has been awhile since I have stopped by read the posts and commented=[ Now I am back and I have to say seeing these colors make me want to purchase them! Love how the swatches look.I absolutely adore Make Up For Ever=]

Nik said...

Gorgeous swatches!


Valili said...

I'm a new follower!
I've looked at your latest posts quickly. but may I suggest something?
It would be good if you limit the number of post by page. 'cuz right now it's making your blog picture heavy and the scrollbar is little which is hard to control!
Hope it helps! =D
Anyway! Looking towards to some other nice posts!

acutelife said...

I've always wanna try this MUFE product!! argh...should I buy ..should I buy not...should I buy..should I buy not..*itchy*