DermaPro Skin Care Review

About DermaPro:
An extremely successful and former 100-person salon owner, Claudia Beck has the innate ability to create an experience that fulfills customer needs. She has worked with chemists to formulate the line of premium products to be extraordinarily gentle on skin and cost less than the comparable prescription options.

The incredibly faithful customers rave about the products potency and gentleness. Since then the line has expanded to include innovative powder-to-liquid emulsions, mastered the freshness of Vitamin C and introduced safe and gentle wrinkle removing products as a wonderful alternative to evasive procedures. All this and DermaPro's continued success have been possible because of you. Thank you.

Pineapple Cleansing Scrub
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$26.20 for 6 oz.
$52.60 for 16 oz.
Skin Condition: All types
The mild exfoliating scrub contains a mix of botanical nutrients and oxidants that help return skin to its youthful healthy glow. Made using the finest micro beads, it gently dissolves excess surface cells clearing out pores to help control blemishes and acne breakouts. The soothing and calming affects make this a perfect solution for the face and entire body. It is even treats razor bumps. Plus, our customers rave about the wonderfully clean, citrus scent.
Key Ingredients: Willow Bark Extract, Ginseng, Vitamin K, Saw Palmetto, Pineapple extract, rosemary extract, comfrey
This cleanser smells divine!!
Have any of you ever tried the Benefit Pineapple Facial Polish?
I think it has been discontinued. But I remember smelling it and this cleanser from DermaPro smells just like it. So yummy, very mild and it leaves your skin glowing!!

The Marine Collagen Mask
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$20.80 for 1 mask
Skin Condition: all skin types
Skin looks more plump, smooth and radiant giving you a more youthful appearance. The Collagen Mask helps with a lifting and firming
effect by rejuvenating cellular activity. Our Marine Collagen ingredient helps skin regain and maintain it's critical moisture balance while
protecting against future pigment damage.

Dream Wear
Intensive Night Treatment
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$62.80 for 2 oz.
Skin Condition: signs of aging, mature
An intensive night treatment, loaded with a powerhouse of ingredients with natural cancer fighting actives. Acai Oil is a well known super antioxidant, cancer fighting fruit that also contains high levels of vitamin C, to help restore collagen and elasticity to the skin. Ferulic Acid is one of the most powerful antioxidant ingredients available today. Buriti Oil from the Rainforest is known to protect skin from environmental pollution and UV radiation. Aminopropyl Ascorbate is the latest generation in Vitamin C.
Contains no parabens, no artificial fragrances, no dyes.

This gel-like cream texture is actually very hydrating.
I think it's great for all skin types.
As I've said before, you're never too young to start using anti-aging skin care.
Start now, feel less regret later, lol!

Gel Tox
Anti-Aging Gel with Thalassine
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$62.80 for 1 oz.
Skin Condition: signs of aging, mature
The moisturizing Wrinkle Relaxer that delivers the fastest results without injections and other evasive procedures. The cream formula uses a proprietary blend of ingredients that works almost instantly when applied to the skin. It naturally relaxes muscles smoothing out crow's feet, laugh lines and other fine lines and wrinkles. Better than BOTOX® Cosmetic treatments, this cream is infused with botanicals to restore and hydrate, and can be used safely every day. It helps rebuild collagen and protects from free radicals for greater health. Use with Derma Bo™ for even greater results.
Key Ingredient: Thalassine - Proprietary Blend

Silk Primer
Foundation Primer
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$36.80 for 1 oz.
Skin Condition: all types
Perfect makeup starts with this unique foundation primer. The powdery gel texture glides on the skin like silk forming a smooth, flawless layer. Infused with botanical nutrients, the primer conditions skin as it makes creases, lines and wrinkles appear less noticeable. The result is a more even, velvety and younger looking complexion. It even helps makeup stay on longer for a fresher face. It's not sticky or greasy and washes off easily.
Key Ingredient: retinol palmitate, cola acuminate seed extract, grapeseed extract, safflower seed oil
This primer really filled in my pores and fine lines!
It made my skin feel as "soft as a baby's bum"- seriously!
I really like this primer :)

*Products were sent to me by a PR firm.
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You always make me lemm the most expensive skincare products! LOL! ;)

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