ZuZu Luxe: Bronzer and Clear Mascara Review

Inspired by the European spa tradition, the ZuZu Luxe luxury color cosmetics line blends soothing, clean all natural ingredients, such as spring water, herbs and vitamins as well as rare and exotic essential oils with sophisticated, fresh colors designed for women in the know.

Just like at the European spa, ZuZu Luxe will make your face look healthy and refreshed. The all-natural ingredients will help keep your skin free from breakouts.

The Mascara in Clear
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Clear Mascara conditions lashes to create a natural look or tame wild brows.

This gentle and non-irritating formula enriched with vitamins and herbal extracts will help protect each fragile eyelash and encourage maximum growth. The luxurious nylon brush is especially designed to add length while being clump proof and non-smudging. Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.
I like this clear mascara for my brows- it keeps them tamed, without making them feel dry and "crispy."

Mineral Bronzers
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Two shades of bronzer powders that create a warm summer glow with a touch of gold shimmer. The long-lasting formula keeps your skin looking sun kissed all day long.
Tip: Dust anywhere the sun might hit such as cheeks, nose and temples to achieve a natural glow. We suggest using our Powder Brush which is designed to flawlessly apply to the face as well as the body.
Shade: D-28
First of all, I love mineral bronzers that are in pressed form.
If you read my blog, you'll know I can't stand loose minerals.
Both bronzers are very similar, but D-28 (this one) is a bit lighter.
YAY! A non-orangey bronzer, something every woman (well, most women) dreams of!
It has a lovely sheen to it... no glitters or sparkles.

Shade: D-32 (a tad darker than D-28)
They literally glide on so smoothly... they are pigmented and high quality!
I recommend these for all-year-round, but especially in the winter. Our skin needs a more of a glow and this does the job!

It's very natural looking on the face, I can't say good enough things about these!

D-28 (left) and D-32 (right)


wuzzyangel said...

In HS I was all about clear mascara! LOL!

lindah said...

the bronzer is lovely! I think my pores would scream "LOOK AT ME" though ahha! :)