Philosophy Christmas Gift!!

This is the perfect pair for a christmas gift!!
I love the Gingerbread Man, so comforting and soothing...
It's something many people would like!

The Gingerbread Man
$16.00 (16 oz.)

foaming bubble bath and shower gel

he's back and ready to draw you a relaxing bath. the gingerbread man foaming bubble bath and shower gel pampers you with an ultra-rich, moisturizing lather that leaves your skin feeling clean and soft. this 16 oz. gel comes in a giftable holiday box, so he doesn't crumble on the way to your holiday events.

it's wonderful when a guy doesn't say, "just relax," but rather, "let me help you relax." and so it is with the gingerbread man. he cleans, he soothes, he caresses, he pampers and he loves me unconditionally. when i'm stressed out, he turns me inside out with warm ginger bubble baths that help me float away. the gingerbread man nourishes my soul from the tip of my nose to my little baby toe.

The Gingerbread Man
$25.00 (23 oz.)

gingerly hot salt scrub for tub & shower

he'll help smooth out the rough spots from hours of holiday shopping. the gingerbread man hot salt scrub is designed to simultaneously heat-as-you-rub to exfoliate your skin, while evoking a warm sense of holiday joy. perfect for the shower or tub, this scrub is formulated with sea salt and natural extracts to help polish and smooth dry, rough skin brought on by the frosty winter weather. skin is left feeling silky smooth, super soft and conditioned.

you need this product if...
  • you want an oil-free salt scrub to use in the tub or shower
  • you crave silky soft, super smooth skin
  • your skin feels dry or rough
  • he cleans, he soothes, he caresses, he pampers and he loves unconditionally. he takes baths and showers with you, while always smelling positively delicious. no late nights at the office or sunday waste-away football weekends for this man. he is strictly a girls' guy. the gingerbread man will nourish your body and soul. he is a gift every girl deserves, at any age, whether she is single or married.


    Unknown said...

    What a product! :D

    wuzzyangel said...

    Love the Philosophy Gingerbread line! A couple years ago I was all about the lotion & body spray at holiday time!

    em said...

    I love philosophy! everything smells soooooo good! xo

    Sarah said...

    Oooh I want to try this! Perfect for Christmas!! How gorgeous are the Philosophy products :)

    CherryColors said...

    Ohh.. the packaging is so cute!
    I think I'd buy it for my love, he'd use it.. xD
    It would give me the comfort of the thought that we are almost married :D.

    Lê Mai Trang said...

    they look really cute and much more friendly than the original ones

    lindah said...

    ackh.. I bet those smell heavenly! :)