Have a holy jolly (natural & organic) christmas!!

These are just some great and inexpensive gift ideas for christmas!
Each company listed below has something unique and fun to offer, so check them out!

Also, if you follow me on twitter, you know that I am ON THE LOOKOUT for MAC's mineralize eyeshadow in YOUNG PUNK!!
(also Push the Edge pigment- I believe it's called)
So let me know if you have an extra and would be willing to swap or sell it to me.
I am also going to be posting (sometime in the near future) a blog sale...
TONS of stuff I need to get rid of!!
Anyway, hope everyone is doing good :)

Raw: unadulterated; unheated; in its natural state; alive
Gaia: the Greek Goddess of the Earth; the planet as a single living organism
Raw Gaia is the world's first range of living skin care products made using only cold-pressed, organic and vegan ingredients, infused with essential oils and floral waters of the finest quality.
Our products have wonderful skin moisturising and uplifting qualities because they are absolutely pure, alive and made with the Earth's most nourishing and beautifying skin care ingredients, which are far more effective than any chemical or artificial moisturisers.
Through a special low temperature process, Raw Gaia's hand-made, organic skin care products retain all the life force, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids of the ingredients, which help to moisturise, heal and revitalize all types of skin.
Raw Gaia is one of the most ethical skin care companies you will find anywhere. All our ingredients are organic, certified vegan and cruelty-free, as much as possible, fairtrade, and free from any chemicals. We have also adopted an unprecedented "ethical marketing" approach to beauty and ageing (read more). Finally, we support Tibetan refugees in India through a glass bead making project. (click here for details)
We encourage you to try Raw Gaia and experience the nourishment that only something as natural, alive and pure as the Earth can give.

Organic Rose Otto Floral Water
A beautiful skin tonic that can be used as a cleanser as well as a toner. Rose adds and retains moisture and is suitable for normal to dry, mature and devitalised skin.
Rose floral water is a natural and mild antiseptic, very gently astringent and stimulating to the flow in the minute blood vessels under the skin. It rehabilitates capillaries and helps to reduce thread veins. It is also beneficial for scars, minor infections, insect bites, sunburn and can help relieve nappy rash for babies

Raw Chocolate Orange Bath Melt
For a truly pleasurable bath experience, use this rich and sensual bath melt. Let the sumptuous smell of sweet orange and the best raw chocolate surround you, lie back and relax while the ingredients soften and moisturise your skin, leaving it feeling nourished and smooth.

Raw Gaia's raw chocolate orange bath melt is made with:

  • Organic, cold-pressed cocoa (cacao) butter, which helps to soften and beautify the skin. Cocoa butter is great for all types of skin. It helps to repair dry and damaged skin since it helps to regenerate skin cells and restore elasticity thanks to its high levels of antioxidants and minerals. Cocoa butter promotes healthy and smooth skin and is particularly good as a protection against the weather. (read more)
  • Organic sweet orange essential oil: A zesty and sweet citrus fragrance. Naturally high in vitamins, sweet orange also helps with the formation of collagen and the growth and repair of body tissues.
  • For best results: Drop one chunk of the bath melt bar into the bath tub as it fills with warm water. When the tub is full, get in and relax while the natural oils moisturise and soften your skin.

Living Beauty Massage Bar

Raw Gaia's Living Beauty Massage Bar is the ultimate in sensual nourishment for your skin. Made with solid, organic and cold-pressed cacao butter, which helps to soften and beautify the skin. Apply it all over your body for an enriching and immensely pleasurable massage experience.

Body massage bar is made with 100% organic:

  • Cold-pressed cacao butter*, which helps to regenerate skin cells and restore elasticity.(read more)
  • Lavender essential oil: good for all skin types since it promotes skin cell growth.

(* denotes cold-pressed)

Here are some comments from people who have tried the massage bars:

“I use the Living Beauty Massage Bar whenever I feel like pampering myself. It's lovely and it makes me feel great!”

Michelle, Isle of Man

For best results: Apply all over body as desired. Especially nice after a warm bath or shower.

Founded with Water...

Nature's Gate was founded over 30 years ago using nature as our inspiration and guide. Our founders, Leo and Vladimir hand collected rainwater, blended it with natural herbs from their herb shop, and created the very first Rainwater Shampoo. They started giving it away to their friends and customers that came into the herb shop and soon it became a phenomenon all along Venice Beach.
We continue to be inspired by our surroundings and create formulas that combine proven botanical, herbal and floral treatments with modern ingredients and techniques. Nature's Gate offers a wide range of products that address personal care needs from the inside out. Using all-natural herbs and pH-balanced formulas, each product is carefully formulated to deliver the many benefits of each unique botanical blend. All of our products reflect ongoing efforts to preserve the earth's natural resources and develop sustainable sources of clean water.
Asian Pear and Red Tea
Antioxidant Defense Lotion
(for all skin types)
Indulge your senses and nourish your skin with our exclusive blend of antioxidants and vitamins. Rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants, Organic Red Tea and Kiwi Extracts help neutralize free radicals while Sodium Hyaluronate, Vitamin E and Organic Jojoba Oil soften and smooth dry, rough skin. Leaves skin hydrated and beautifully soft.
Our Certified Organic essences are fresh from the field, locally grown in California on land dedicated to growing Nature’s Gate botanical essences. At the family owned Organic farm, each plant receives individual care, ensuring the highest purity and quality. The farm’s water source is derived from the winter rains and snow pack of the Sierra Nevadas.

Check out Bathhouse on Etsy HERE!!
Bathhouse on Facebook
Spellbound Solid Perfume
Smells EXACTLY like Thierry Mugler's Angel!!!!!

Read about Bubble and Bee HERE!!!

Baked Apple Spice Soap

Ingredients:Organic soap base (organic coconut oil saponified, organic palm oil saponified, vegetable glycerin, sorbitol from sugar beets), organic cinnamon, organic apple essence, organic chai essence.

This is my absolute favorite soap. After we made it I sat with a piece of it at my desk and just smelled it all day long. I couldn't get enough of it, and still can't. It's the perfect soap to set out for guests during the holidays, or to hoard in your own bathroom and just savor the scent. The perfect blend of apples, cinnamon, a touch of ginger and cardamom. It looks and smells just like a baked apple.

4.5 oz bar

Organic Coconut & Lime Lip Balm
Ingredients: organic sunflower oil, organic cocoa butter, organic beeswax, organic coconut flavor, organic lime flavor, organic lime essential oil, stevia.
Flavored with certified organic extracts and essential oils, not synthetic flavors, this delicious organic lip balm is super sweet and mouth-watering. With a stronger lime flavor and a hint of coconut, our testers say it tastes just like key lime pie.
Organic beeswax seals in moisture, while cocoa butter nourishes lips. Long-lasting, petroleum-free, paraben-free. No bad stuff! This product contains over 95% organic ingredients, and no synthetics!

While we loove this lip balm, we recommend our unscented lip balm if you have sensitive lips.

Read about Castle Baths HERE!!!

Jubilee Shea Butter Hand & Body Lotion
  • Made with Certified Organic Shea Butter
  • Non greasy and fast absorbing
  • Deliciously fragrant with our very own Citrus blend of Lime, Bergamot and Pink Grapefruit
  • A favorite for all - men, woman, mature and young adore this scent
  • Nurses, because they wash their hands more than most people love our Jubilee Hand and Body Lotion for its energizing qualities - for those late nights!
  • Our all natural, handmade Jubilee Hand and Body Lotion with Certified Organic Shea Butter includes Bergamot, Pink Grapefruit, Organic Rose Hydrosol, Sweet Almond Oil, Certified Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic and Wild Crafted Essential Oils
Smooth, Silky and Non-greasy, our Hand and Body Lotions with Certified Organic Shea Butter are naturally handmade to help beautify the skin! Our hand and body lotion soothes and soften skin, is enriched with vitamin E and 20% organic Certified Organic Shea Butter for exceptional silky softness.

natural Our hand and body lotion is also blended with the light alluring aromas of our special blended essences for the added benefit of Aromatherapy to the skin.

Fragrance samples!!!!


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