Emani Minerals Hybrid Cream Color Review & Swatches!!

So Emani Minerals sent me a bunch of items to review, but this is my absolute favorite product out of the bunch, and it's definitely worth having it's own separate review!!
Completely handmade, no two are the same. A beautiful blend of shimmers and mineral pigments, Emani Hybrids create sheer or intense colors for eyes, cheeks, and lips. Entirely paraben-free, talc-free, and gluten free, all of our hybrids are made of natural waxes and oils.
Shade: 1040 Love Addict
Application Tips
To wear with eyeshadow, prep skin with eye cream, apply hybrid color with clean fingers or shadow brush, and then apply eyeshadow on top and blend. To wear hybrid alone, prep skin with eye cream, apply foundation or concealer then hybrid. This product can be used in many fun ways as a highlighter, liner or lip color.
When I first opened this I thought, wow it does NOT look like a cream, it looks like a powder eyeshadow!
It has sparkles in it!
The shade is a hybrid mix of royal blue, gray, and black.

It's super creamy and smooth!!

Swatched below (without mixing the shades).

This is what it looks like when you mix the shades together.
The color reminds me of MAC's Deep Truth eyeshadow.
The glitter particles mix in to create a pretty sheen, not too glittery at all!
This product is so unique, I have never seen anything out there like it!!
HIGHLY recommended!
I really want to try more shades!


Love, Sweetcheeks said...

omg! that is sooooo beautiful. i am so loving the color turnout when you mix the shades. so vibrant! i def need to check it out now!

amynaree said...

gorgeous! i love the color mixture

wuzzyangel said...

Dudette that is GORGEOUS and effin pigmented! Dang...!

Anonymous said...

WOWEEEE check out the pigmented shades!!DAMN GIRL!!

lindah said...

the color is so pretty! But this is like the rimmel stir it up eyeshadow but with more pigmentation! ^_^ I didn't like the rimmel one very much.. I thought it was suppose to be a powder! haha xD