Ebay Review: Bath Bombs and more (various sellers)!!

Ebay Bath Bombs and more!!

Lip Balms
$3 each
Buy them HERE!
I got:
Pumpkin Cheesecake
Ooey Gooey Caramel
They all smell AMAZING!!!!
Great gift idea, HIGHLY recommended!!
Bath Bombs
$1.25-$3 each!!
Buy them HERE
I got Buttercream Cupcake 4.5 oz.
In all honesty, this smelt so good when I put the bathbomb up to my nose, but it was as strong of a scent when I put it into my bathtub.
Maybe I am just really used to LUSH's strong scents.
But if you hate that overpowering smell, then these are for you!!
The best part is the price!! $1.25 for 4.5 oz. and $3 for a huge 8 oz.!
Can't beat that!!

I did a brief review of this on my youtube.
This little bathbombs/bath fizzies really pack a punch...
but not overly so.
Great gift idea with simple, fun packaging!
About Bathfizzyz:
All of our Bathfizzyz are hand made. We make the bath bombs with baking soda which softens the water, vitamin C (citric acid) that gives it the fizz and disperses the baking soda and fragrance oil throughout the bath and witch hazel. Our Bathfizzyz don't leave your bathtub greasy or oily.
3 for $5
6 for $10
20 for $19.99

Lilac and Lavender
Lilac: "A soft breeze coming through a Lilac plant. Very light and a touch of sweet."
Lavender: "The smell of fresh cut Lavender. Great for reducing stress and calming."

Honeysuckle and Gardenia
Honeysuckle: "This smells exactly like the Honeysuckle plants in our backyard. Succulent and sweet."
Gardenia: "White floral, mood lifting, sensual."

Cucumber Melon and Peaches n Cream
Cucumber Melon: "The invigorating scent of cucumber with a splash of melon."
Peaches n Cream: "Fresh cut peaches with cold cream poured over the top. Cool and refreshing."

Watermelon and Strawberry
Watermelon: "Refreshing, will remind you of fresh cut watermelon."
Strawberry: "Fruity fragrance not too sweet."

Chamomile and White Musk
Chamomile: "Fragrance for relaxation. Calming scent of the Chamomile flower. Soothing, relaxing."
White Musk: "This is an awesome blend of musk, jasmine, rose, lily."

Almond and Vanilla
Almond: "This fragrance offers a cherry like top note. Wonderful and light."
Vanilla: "Soft fragrance, sweet, creamy pure vanilla."

Cucumber and Green Apple
Cucumber: "The cleanest, coolest fragrance. Very refreshing and slightly sweet."
Green Apple: "Tart with a touch of sweetness."

They have lots of LUSH-type fragrances and goodies!!

Rock Star
Bubble Bath Bar
This smells EXACTLY like LUSH's Rockstar soap!!!

How cute are those little embellishments?!
It's super sparkly!
It looks small, but I cut this up in three pieces and used it for three baths!

Honey, I Washed the Kids
Fizzing Bath Bomb
Again, absolutely adorable embellishments!

HUGE bath bomb!
I cut mine in half for two baths!

Bath Bomb Cupcake Sundae
with Whipped Soap Frosting
mmm.... Vaniglia de Madagascar
Such a creamy vanilla scent (not overly sweet).

This is such a cool concept!!
The bath bomb is on the bottom, so I took the whipped soap frosting off, and dumped the bath bomb in my tub.
I used the whipped soap frosting- and it's amazingly rich and creamy!
Plus it lasts a LONG time.


vanilla said...

awww the last one is such a graet idea !love it !
happy new year whitz !

wuzzyangel said...

Everything is always so cute!! Smell O Vision needs to be invented for your Bath reviews! LOL!