Christmas With Mally Beauty!!!

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I am so excited about Mally's new fragrance and the little mini gift sets (glosses and eye liners).
Mally Beauty never disappoints me!
Anyone tried her fragrance yet?
Let me know what you think!

Mally: The Fragrance
How cute is the box?!
LOVE Mally's packaging!
Mally’s Signature fragrance is a modern floral citrus theme with a captivating tropical twist. Core to the fragrance is the sampaguita flower, the national flower of the Philippines as captured in nature by Givaudan’s Scent-trek technology. The sampaguita flower, has been scientifically and artfully reconstructed in its natural expression without damage to this delicate flora resource. Sampaguita flower is similar to that of jasmine with a more tropical and intoxicating impression.
Mally’s Signature fragrance is introduced by the juicy and tantalizing mandarin citrus to which tangy red currant and lush green notes of bamboo and palm leaf offer fluidity and dynamic freshness. Optimistic and spirited tropical fruits mingle with the airy and fresh quality of the sampaguita flower that is further complemented by notes of freesia, lily of the valley and pink peony in the heart. The theme evolves in time, as the skin warms with the backnotes of creamy coconut milk and soft peach and merges with enduring sandalwood and precious musks to create a tropical sun-warmed effect on the skin.
The bottle is so cute, couture, and elegant!
This multilayered fragrance wraps you in the love, happiness and hopeful energy that powers Mally’s open, warm philosophy and life. One spray and the scent will lift your spirits. Offered in a gorgeous bottle and blessed with a two heart charm that shows the abundance of Love in the world.

Mally’s Signature Fragrance, a modern, floral, citrus scent with a captivating tropical twist. Core to the fragrance is the Sampaguita flower – the national flower of the Philippines – which is similar to the clean scent of jasmine, but with a more tropical and intoxicating impression.

Mally passionately believes that beauty is an all-encompassing entity. “Beauty isn’t just about color cosmetics and covering up a blemish,” she says adding, “I wanted to create a scent that embodies who I am…something fresh and feminine that makes you feel joyful and invigorated.” A proud supporter of the Filipino community, Mally’s Signature Fragrance pays homage to her heritage using notes from the Sampaguita flower. The name translates in English to “I promise you,” and represents a symbol of fidelity, devotion, purity, strength and dedication.

Blooming throughout the year, the Sampaguita produces tiny white, dainty, star-shaped flowers that bloom at night and wilt in less than a day, thus considered precious, yet fleeting. “Since I was young, I was taught to appreciate life in the same way. This fragrance reminds me of the philosophy, ‘Live every day as though it’s your last,’” Mally recalls.

The fragrance opens with a sexy and refreshing cocktail of sweet Sampaguita, paired with tantalizing mandarin, tangy red currant, lush notes of bamboo, and palm leaf. Freesia, Lily-of-the-Valley and pink peony enchant the senses and the euphoric theme evolves in time as base notes of creamy coconut milk and soft peach merge with enduring sandalwood and precious musks to create a sun-warmed effect on the skin.

Having already made her mark in cosmetics, Mally’s Signature Fragrance is her first step towards her mission to captivate and stimulate all five senses. Expect to see, touch, taste, hear and smell much more in the future!

      • Top Note: Sampaguita, Mandarin, Red Currant, Bamboo, Palm Leaf
      • Middle Note: Freesia, Jasmine, Muguet, Peony
      • Base Note: Peach, Coconut, Sandalwood, Musks

The little charms are so adorable!
This is a difficult sent for me to describe.
I really like it though.
You can definitely smell the musk underneath, but the top notes are fruity- not sweet fruity... just subtle fruity (if that makes any sense, lol!).
It's beautiful fresh and unique!
Definitely check it out if you like citrus, floral, and musk :)

Lipgloss Minis
I am a HUGE fan of Mally lipglosses!
If you have never tried them, this is a great deal (also a great gift idea for anyone who loves lippies!)
Her glosses are pigmented, smooth, hydrating, and never sticky!
What is it: A great way to get acquainted with Mally's favorite lip gloss products. Five individual glosses, all designed to give you that great, super-shiny look with a fresh, soft feel. Includes five of Mally's favorite shades all in a great giftable box.

Who is it for: All women who love high-gloss, finished lips and the fun of color options.

Why is it different: Glides on, delivering outrageous shine in two different coverage levels.

How do I use it: For full color, sweep on perfect pink, sweet berry, or shimmering rosebud. For sheer coverage, sweep on be a peach, or use pearly girl alone or as a shimmery accent.

Perfect Pink
(pretty feminine pink)

Sweet Berry
(a rich, full color berry shade)

Pearly Girl
(a neutral wash of shimmer)

Shimmering Rosebud
(the perfect soft rose)

Be A Peach
(a pretty translucent peach shade)

Mini Evercolor Starlight Eye Pencil Set
I need full sizes ASAP!!!
The lasting power is awesome.
They glide on like a dream.
Perk up your peepers with rich eyeliner colors. This five-piece mini set features luxurious colors that withstand moisture--and last and last! From Mally Beauty.


(gorgeous shiny silver)

Royal Plum
(a rich purply plum)

Milk Chocolate

Caribbean Sea
(teal blue)


lindah said...

omg.. I'm in love with the silver one and the teal one!!! <3 my favorite color is teal :D haha

Unknown said...

Parfume looks so sweet, love the bottle and the package.


wuzzyangel said...

You're the best with all the swatchies Whit!! :)

KillaCamilla said...

Whit, I missed your bloggy! That royal plum shade is gorge! Those liners look so soft.

Unknown said...

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